Kevin Feige forbade Ms. Marvel to make this reference to Endgame

If a moment marked the history of the MCU, that was the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. The epic confrontation meant a before and after in superhero movies, but it also became a benchmark in the series and other movies in the universe commanded by Kevin Feige. Now we know there was a reference from mrs marvel a end game, but was completely denied by Feige. What was it about?

WARNING: This note contains spoilers from the first episode of Ms Marvel

The series starts with a monologue by its protagonist, Kamala Khan. In it, she explains her admiration for Captain Marvel, all through evidence and the appearance of a podcast led by Scott Lang, better known as Ant-Man.

The reference of mrs marvel a end game he was left alone with an idea

In an interview for TheWrapBisha K. Ali, executive producer of the series, talked about making the aforementioned podcast. He also mentioned that they wanted to include a reference to end game in the series, but unfortunately, they did not approve it:

“At a certain point in the early days before we expanded the creative team, I was like, ‘Kevin (Feige), what if there were drones and a live stream of the battle of end game?” He said, “Bisha, no.” So there was no streamer on Twitch around the final battle of end game? Are we kidding? I think I lost my mind at the time trying to solve that riddle. So it was a really iterative journey.”

With these statements, it is clear to us that Kevin Feige is very selective when deciding the type of connection that all Marvel projects will have. It is also worth mentioning that almost all movies and series after end game they have related to such a battle, so having another reference would feel redundant.

For many, this resulted in a contradiction. The first minutes of Ms Marvel They let us see that the population has varied opinions about the heroes who have saved the world, since there is a coexistence between all of them. But if people didn’t see the battle against Thanos firsthand, how are they going to justify approval or dissatisfaction with the heroes?

What do you think? Do you think the reference Ms Marvel a end game could it be ridiculous? Did she deserve to be eliminated? The series will premiere one episode each week until it reaches the season finale on July 13.

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