Kevin Feige: Avengers Endgame Was The Last Avengers Movie


When avengers endgame reached the movie theaters for many it was clear that the end of an era had been reached. An era in the lives of each one, who had followed these characters for over a decade. But also the end of a creative process that began with Hombre de Hierro (2008) and that culminated in the retirement of the two most important avengers of the saga. Although the Marvel franchise continues and does not seem to stop, perhaps for Kevin Feige the avengers came to an end in end game.

He said so in a recent statement (via). Now that the latest episode of Marvel Studios Assembleddedicated to the film Eternals, arrived at Disney Plus, the boss of the study appeared once again on the screens. Of course the primary purpose was to talk about Chloe Zhao’s film. But at the same time Feige couldn’t help but refer to avengers endgame as the end of the “avengers” era.

“Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have now passed their 10th anniversary and with the release of the latest Avengers movie we have finally completed the 22-movie Infinity Saga,” he explained.

His comment seems to suggest that in his mind and perhaps behind closed doors in the studio, a decision has already been made. Since the premiere of the aforementioned film, fans have theorized about what could be the way forward. In fact, it is important to consider that only three of the original six Avengers are still active as superheroes in various Marvel house projects. This means that now it would be difficult to bring back a team when it is in the middle.

In the same documentary dedicated to the film Eternals, Kevin Feige also warned that it is now strange to know where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is headed. Although he is smart enough not to reveal more than is allowed, the producer did share something else. The intention of phase 4 is to explore other issues than a mega meeting.

“What we really wanted to do were two things,” he explained. “Start fresh with brand new characters and new narratives, but also explore some of the deepest and richest mythologies that Marvel comics have.”

The above suggests what many fans had previously theorized. It is believed that the continuation of the avengers will happen but not in the way that we are used to. Maybe it’s time that we have the heroes reunited, but not in a movie that has them united on the same side.

Of course the first idea that comes to the mind of fans is to adapt large crossoverI know how Secret Wars where the superheroes face each other, in a kind of The Hunger Games located on the outer planet. Also for now Marvel seems more busy with the multiverse and with renewing certain licenses that we thought were lost. To prove what we recently saw in the trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Such a movie directed by Sam Raimi, promises quite interesting cameos that will turn all the conventions that we know in superhero movies upside down. It will arrive in theaters on May 5. But before her we will also have to meet the Moon Knight by Oscar Isaac, on Disney Plus starting March 31.

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