Karem, the possession – Premiere, trailer and everything about the Mexican film


This year the Mexican horror cinema offered us a couple of titles: The exorcism of Carmen Farías and Play with me. But to close 2021 Videocine Distribution frees Karem, the possession, movie directed by Henry bedwell (Blacker than the night), whose story is based on real events that occurred in the state of Durango. Next, everything about the premiere of the Mexican film.

What is it about?

Karem, the possession follows the story of a young woman from an atheist family who is possessed by an evil spirit. The event causes the young woman to obtain supernatural powers, which she refuses to let go. However, the decision will make her a threat to everyone around her and to herself.

«During the year 1983 in the city of Durango, Naro, one of the demons most feared by the Church, seized Karem’s body. Turning her into a malevolent entity capable of controlling everyone around her », (via).

The film was filmed in various emblematic settings in the state of Durango such as the Guillermo Ceniceros Museum of Modern Art, where for years it was the El Sabino Wake, the Guadalupe Victoria Elementary School and the Durango Cathedral (via).


Karim, the possession stars the young actress Raquel Rodríguez (Dani Who?). Also performing are Daniel Martínez, Dominika Paleta, Gregorio Urquijo, Miranda Kay, Ramón Medina and Héctor Kotsifakis.

Production is carried out by Rigoberto Castañeda (Kilometer 31; SOZ Soldiers or Zombies); while the photograph has the signature of Jun’ichirô Hayashi (Ring).

Release date

Karem, the possession will be available in national theaters next December 30, 2021.

Official poster


Karem, possession Mexican horror movies
Karem, the Mexican horror movie possession
Karem, the possession Mexico premiere


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