Julia Garner Could Star in Upcoming Madonna Biopic

Apparently the actress Julia Garner is now the contender to win for the role main in the biopic of Madonna. The alleged musical film, which has been in the works for years, could finally take the most definitive step forward, with the hiring of her star’s face.

According to VarietyJulia Garner has already been offered the role by the studio. For now, the actress and her team are evaluating the offer and it is expected that they will have an answer in the next few days. The studio seems excited and confident that the answer will be positive. In this way, the long-awaited project would have its biggest green light to begin to take shape once and for all.

For years a biopic about Madonna has haunted the halls of various studios. Being above all Universal Pictures the one that has become the owner of the rights up to two times. Since 2017 the studio has acquired a libretto written by Elyse Hollander, titled Blonde Ambition. Although the text never reached any destination, years later Madonna herself allied herself with Diablo Cody (June) for the creation of the definitive script. Later Erin Cressida Wilson was added to polish details and once again Universal acquired the booklet to handle production.

From there, rumors about the main interpreter have circulated at various times. First it was Florence Pugh who sounded like a strong contender. And just earlier this year the actress from euphoria, Alexa Demie was the one who received the most attention regarding this role. Especially since various media reported her visiting the movie audition camp where she was even said to have met Madonna herself in person.

After months of exhaustive search; where it was commented on an arduous training camp with evaluations of up to 11 hours in choreography, acting skills and singing, it seems that Universal found its protagonist. The chosen one is none other than the rising star of the award-winning Netflix series Ozarks.

Prior to OzarksGarner made her debut in the television series The Americans. Since then his rise has been constant, the cornerstone being his Emmy-winning role in the aforementioned Netflix series. The actress also belongs to the productions The Assistant and Inventing Anna.

Taking on the role of Madonna, Julia Garner was thus tending her biggest and most ambitious role to date. Just the past few years have shown us that these types of biopics have managed to find an important niche with the public. Since Bohemian Rhapsody with which Rami Malek won the Oscar Award, until Rocketman where Taron Egerton found the affection of critics.

the coming biopic by Madonna does not yet have a release date, nor a confirmed cast or production. It is believed that once the actress is found, the project will go from strength to strength, so it is likely that before the end of the year we will have much more accurate news of the expected film.

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