Joss Whedon Addresses Justice League Cast Accusations


Even though the version of Justice League by Zack Snyder is almost a year after its premiere, the subject around the infamous project and its relationship with Joss Whedon, are still a topic of discussion. Especially because for the first time in this endless narrative, it has been Whedon himself who has broken the silence to refer, among many other things, to his experience while trying to correct Snyder’s unfinished film. According to the director, he does not remember having worked with a cast as “rude” as the one that made up the vigilante team.

You will remember that in the beginning it was Snyder himself who left the project after a family tragedy that shook its foundations. However, rumors spread that behind his departure there were also creative differences with a studio that was no longer so happy with the dark and solemn vision that brought them so many monetary and critical problems with the previous project, batman v superman. These rumors seemed to be confirmed when it was later announced that Joss Whedon, the person who had made the avengers, would be the one to take the management chair in the renewed Justice League.

Almost forty people followed Whedon’s arrival. reshoots and corrections that were to change the entire essence printed by Snyder. In the end, what Warner wanted was to give fans a more entertaining product, with funnier superheroes and a more colorful visual style that would appeal to an audience that had already been educated by Marvel Studios at that point in the business. However, the result offended critics and fans alike, with fingers pointing at Whedon as the main culprit.

Things later got complicated for the filmmaker when accusations of a more personal nature surfaced. Two of them came directly from members of the vigilante cast. Gal Gadot assured that during a small discussion she had with Whedon in the set, he assured him that if he did not do what he told him, he would take care of ending his career forever. This was followed by a smear campaign led by Ray Fisher (Cyborg) who accused the director of having cut much of his role in the film for racist reasons, as well as toxic and unorthodox behavior displayed on set.

Who was once applauded as one of the best showrunners of television and one of the most creative people of his generation, has now fallen from grace. His vision of an average teenage girl who happens to have the necessary skills to hunt vampires and at the same time face the challenges of adolescence, was enshrined as one of the most audacious, feminist and progressive visions of its time. However, many other accusations, which even came from the cast of the aforementioned series Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, speak of abusive, misogynistic behavior and incorrect sexual relationships within the film studios.

A “fake feminist” is how the media now label it. His ex-wife gave him that title when he confessed that it was with that “flag” that Whedon excused himself at the time she discovered the many infidelities he had sustained over the years. After his divorce, the also director of avengers He rejoined a couple with a woman with whom he still lives in Los Angeles. And during a talk (via) recently held at that address, for the first time he spoke about the multiple accusations that have been made against him.

Without defending himself at all, the filmmaker was quick to ensure that the cast of The Justice League it is “the rudest group of people” with whom he has had to work. He said that Zack Snyder had apparently granted them some creative freedom and freedom of opinion regarding his character’s dialogue. Whereas with him they could improvise situations or add lines, the way I worked with Whedon was more about expecting them to recite the lines exactly as they came from the script.

At one point Gal Gadot refused to allow one of her scenes to appear in the film and Whedon told her that the only way that scene would not be included would be if she tied him to a train track to die. A more flowery way of saying “over my dead body.” «Later they told me that I had said something about the corpse [de Gal Gadot] and about tying her to a train track.” According to the director, this was a misunderstanding by the actress because English is not her mother tongue.

In addition to this, Whedon accused Gadot of having said that he “didn’t understand superhero movies at all.” According to a member of the production, it was at that time that Joss Whedon stopped filming Justice League only to stand up and announce that he had never worked with “such a rude bunch of people,” which was followed by an eerie silence from the actors.

Regarding his differences with Ray Fisher, the director confessed that most of his scenes were cut from the film because his narrative arc did not work in the many test sessions they had with the public. Feedback held that Cyborg was the worst character in the film, so Whedon repeatedly sat down with the actor to try to find the right approach for his character. “None of the comments [de Fisher] in the networks was true or even discussed. “We’re talking about malevolent forces,” the director said. “We are talking about a bad actor in both senses.”

Some fans on the internet even hold the theory that Ray Fisher’s words were somehow promoted by Zack Snyder. The accusation that Joss Whedon sidelined the character for racist views was suggested by the actor, and it has been suggested that they were created to advance Snyder as a progressive figure seeking to get the green light for his own version of the film. Whedon seems to agree with that. I don’t know who started [las acusaciones]», said the director of Avengers: Age of Ultron, “I only know in whose name they were made.”

When Whedon was a prominent figure at the turn of the century, it was one of the first times a creator was revered by fans in the way that Zack Snyder is now. His rapprochement with fans occurred during the early days of the network and discussion forums. The director finds a curious and perverse symmetry between the past and the way his career has fallen apart:

“The beginning of the internet lifted me up and the modern internet brought me down. Perfect symmetry is not lost on me.”

Joss Whedon’s entry discusses Justice League cast accusations was first published in Cine PREMIERE.


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