Jonah Jameson exposes Spider-Man in special edition of Daily Bugle


Imagine that you live in New York, you are walking down the street and suddenly you come across a The Daily Bugle. Hang on a minute! Are you already part of the “Spider-verse”? I wish that was the case, but you’ve actually stumbled upon a recent Sony Pictures ad strategy. For the sake of promoting Spider-Man: No Way HomeLast week, the distributor set up a set of kiosks in the New York city where copies of a special edition of The Daily Bugle, the fictional Marvel newspaper commanded by the choleric, were given away. Jonah jameson.

«Get your print copy of the limited edition of The Daily Bugle ONLY TODAY [10 de diciembre de 2021] at a very special newsstand in New York. It’s packed with exclusive news from Spider-Man: No Way Home you won’t find anywhere else, ”the previous tweet reads.

The main story of that tabloid is titled “Spider-Maniac’s Web of Destruction” (“Spider-Maniac’s Web of Destruction”) and was the editor-in-chief of the El Clarín newspaper —So called in Spanish America — who lent his pen for the article. There, J. Jonah Jameson He does not beat around the bush and exposes from the first paragraph the identity of the “masked marauder” who hangs illegally on the streets of New York.

Read the full text of the irate journalist below, via ComicBook:

Maniac. Threat. Mystery? No more! That’s right, true Blugers! Ever since the masked marauder disguised as Spider-Man hung with impunity over the streets of our city – without permission, I must add – and took the law into his own cobwebbed hands, a servant has worked tirelessly to unmask the myth and reveal the truth. . And now we have it. Peter Parker. Just a boy.

And now that the coward has been unmasked, will he do his civic duty and answer for his heinous crimes? Will he use his great power to join the police? The fire department? No way! Will Peter Parker take responsibility for the vandalism and destruction of property that those powers have left in their wake? Ha! Do not make me laugh!

Parker wore a mask because he refuses to answer for his actions. He kept his identity hidden because he sees himself above the law. But if the Constitution does not allow citizens to vote until they are 18 years old, why would we continue to let a child decide who is saved and who is guilty?

We know you’ve made mistakes before. Ask Quentin Beck. Oh wait, you can’t! Because Spidey killed him! So if you don’t want to be next, dear reader, join me in this call to the monster unmasked in the red underpants.

Peter Parker, we are the public and we will be your judge and jury. Call the info line, folks. Let Parker know you’re watching.

J. Jonah Jameson, Editor-in-Chief

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It’s no spoiler that Jonah Jameson (played in the MCU by JK Simmons) ruined the happy ending for the wall-crawler in the sequel. Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019. In a post-credit scene, The Daily Bugle head honcho exposes on television that Peter Parker is the boy behind Spider-Man, as well as mistakenly blaming him for the death of Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio. Consequently, the titular hero will try to make the public forget his true identity with the help of Doctor Strange. And as we well know, this will be the starting point in the next film in the saga … and the reason why several villains from the multiverse – Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin, among others – will accidentally arrive in the world of the Avengers.

Spider-Man: No Way Home It will premiere in Mexican theaters this Wednesday, December 15. Do you already have your tickets?

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