Jon Watts (Spider-Man) to produce next Final Destination movie


Death is a concept we know disturbingly little about. That is, you miraculously evade it one day, and the next, a vengeful force claims your life in the most unexpected way possible. This has been the concept of a popular New Line Cinema film series, which has been stagnant for ten years. However, this situation will change thanks to the director of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Jon watts, who will produce a sixth installment of Final destination. Excited?

This week, it was disclosed that Final Destination 6 will feature Jon Watts as producer, coupled with the fact that he conceived the story for the film and its narrative treatment. Not for that reason, he will act as a screenwriter, since within this department are Lori Evans Taylor -signed in October 2021- and Guy Busick, who has just written Bloody wedding and the novel movie scream. On the other hand, the project does not yet have anyone in the executive chair.

In collusion with Watts, his wife Dianne McGunigle, Sheila Hanahan Taylor and the veteran also produce Craig perry, who played that same role for all previous films in the franchise.

“Both Dianne and I have been huge fans of Final Destination from the beginning,” Watts said in a statement, via Deadline. “So it will be fun and exciting to be able to participate in the making of a new story with New Line and the original team.”

To which Craig Perry added:

“Jon and Dianne’s passion for the show is only matched by how much fun it is to work with. Sheila and I couldn’t be more excited to have her creative energy powering this latest installment in the franchise. Final destination with New Line. With the inspired execution of Guy and Lori, building on Jon’s original idea, we have a movie that audiences will love. “

The first five installments of Final destination they premiered between 2000 and 2011. Each title revolves around a group of people who, warned by a premonition, manage to avoid a spectacular accident that would have cost them their lives. For example, the explosion of an airplane or a deadly collision on the road. However, the survivors begin to die one by one – in unusual, bloody and even tragicomic ways – by the will and work of an invisible force that would be Death itself.

The first film Final destination, directed by James Wong, managed to gross $ 112 million at the worldwide box office, above its $ 23 million budget.

Final Destination 6 will be coming straight to HBO Max. At the moment it does not have a tentative release date.

From director Jon Watts, currently on the billboard Spider-Man: No Way Home, the conclusion of his spider trilogy within the MCU. For Marvel Studios, he will soon direct a new Fantastic Four movie.

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