Joker 2 would be a musical and would have Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

This week, The Hollywood Reporter launched the exclusive that Lady Gaga is in early negotiations to join the cast of the sequel to joker. We’re of course talking about an upcoming sequel to the acclaimed 2019 film that featured Joaquin Phoenix as Gotham City’s unforgettable clown. That was an origin story around Batman’s arch nemesis, culminating in the deranged Arthur Fleck rising up as the grinning agent of chaos we all know. But in the announced second part, there is a rumor that Joker will meet with his popular partner in crime, which would be the role to be played by Lady Gaga if her participation is confirmed.

Joker 2 it would be a musical and it would have Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

According to the same report, Warner Bros. Pictures would be looking for the actress of the gucci house Bring the insane Harley Quinn to life. She would obviously be a different version of the “harlequin” played by Margot Robbie in the DC Extended Universe. In the end, neither joker nor its sequel are part of said franchise, so they have the freedom to take the story and its characters in directions other than the Justice League, if not darker. And this has worked perfectly! Let’s remember that joker It currently stands as the highest-grossing adult-rated film in history, having grossed more than a billion dollars globally.

Now, the idea of ​​​​seeing Harley Quinn in the future part two gained strength for days, when director Todd Phillips shared a first look at the script on social networks, whose cover revealed the official title of the film, which is Joker: Folie a Deux. In psychiatric terms, «folie à deux» —also called shared psychotic disorder— refers to a syndrome where psychosis is transmitted from one individual to another. Similar to what happened between Joker and Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who according to the Bat Man canon, finally went crazy after living with the clown in a toxic doctor-patient relationship. She and she eventually adopted the alter ego of Harley Quinn, accomplice and in love with the villain.

On the other hand, sources of The Hollywood Reporter they also asserted that the sequel to joker it will be a musical. Consequently, it would not be surprising if Lady Gaga is also discussing with Warner Bros. Pictures her participation in the film as a lyricist and composer. In addition to holding more than a dozen Grammy awards, the New Yorker has twice been nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. She triumphed on one of those occasions, specifically for “Shallow” by A star Is Borna film that also earned her her first nomination for Best Actress at the Academy Awards.

Joker 2 it would be a musical and it would have Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn

In the executive chair Joker: Folie a Deux It will again feature Todd Phillips, who co-wrote the sequel’s script with Scott Silver. The project is still listed as “in development” and Joaquin Phoenix has yet to sign a contract.

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