Joker 2: what is known about the possible sequel


In the fall of 2019, the acclaimed criminal clown movie broke box office records and was shaping up for awards season. Some reports (apparently reliable) already spoke of Joker 2 I was on my way.

Subsequently, both director Todd Phillips and leading actor Joaquin Phoenix denied the existence of such a project. Since then there has been nothing confirmed or entirely dismissed by Warner Bros. However, with such background, it begins to spread again that it will exist Joker 2. Or at least, that would be the company’s plan.

Where does this possible sequel to joker? Nothing more and nothing less than The Hollywood Reporterwhich in an article mentioned (albeit very casually) that the sequel is actually being screened by Warner Bros.

The central theme of the story is the upcoming Superman movie, which will feature a black director and lead. There it was also clarified that the movie The Batman by Matt Reeves and other DC and Warner productions (existing or in development) they do not belong to the same universe Wonder Woman, Aquaman Y Flash. Among them, according to the report, is «joker and its planned sequel”.

“Until now, all movies and TV shows, with the exception of batman by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson, Gotham P.D., spinoff from HBO Max, and Joker 2will take place in the same universe”, established THR.

Joker 2: keep going

It should be remembered that, at the end of the summer of 2020, the rumor emerged that Warner had offered a contract of 50 million dollars to Joaquin Phoenix -with a duration of four years- so that the Oscar winner starred in another 2 films of joker. the british portal Mirror he even reported that the script for such sequels was already being written and that the actor was “very committed” and interested.

joker sequel

The latest news came at the end of May 2021 via a list of Hollywood lawyers who published The Hollywood Reporter. The intention of this publication is to list powerful men who handle the legal issues of some projects of great interest to the industry. Such is the case of Warren Dernwho among his clients has Zack Snyder with his army of the dead; to Juan Antonio Bayona with the pilot of the series of The Lord of the rings; oa Todd Phillips with the script for Joker 2.

In addition to the confirmation that Todd Phillips is already working on the script for Joker 2Willem Dafoe, actor also expressed interest for appearing in the sequel.

Joker is currently available in the HBO Max catalog.

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