Joker 2: Todd Phillips confirms title and production of the sequel

After grossing more than a billion dollars worldwide, being acclaimed by both critics and audiences, and winning two Oscars, it was obvious that Warner would not let the success of joker. There was a lot of speculation about it and even some fans disagreed, but now it’s official: We will have Joker 2. And better yet, the script is already written.

No one better than director Todd Phillips to confirm the news. Through his social networks, the filmmaker gave us a first look at the script, which is titled Joker: Folie a Deux. Translated into Spanish, this would be Joker: Madness of two. We could also see a photograph of Joaquin Phoenix, the protagonist of the first film, reading it while smoking a cigarette.

What does the title mean Joker 2?

Folie a Deux it is a mental illness shared by two people who have a close bond. We all know that Arthur Fleck is a psychopath, that became more than clear to us with the end of the first film, but… who will be the character with whom he shares that madness? Many fans began to speculate that Todd Phillips will introduce his own version of Harley Quinn for this sequel.

Others say that, thanks to the third act of the previous film, we could see some kind of connection between Arthur and Bruce Wayne, who recently lost his parents. Will it be the best time to see another Batman in the movies? Perhaps Phillips seeks to relate the protagonist to other Gotham City villains.

Why did the confirmation of this second part take so long?

After the tremendous success of joker, it seemed obvious that a sequel would be given the green light. However, let us remember that the film was acclaimed for its script, the depth of its main character and the spectacular production design that it featured. Obviously, make Joker 2 It required a script that lived up to its predecessor, and also to convince Joaquin Phoenix, who has never made a sequel and is quite selective when it comes to playing a character.

Since 2019 there were already talks to explore new adventures (or rather, crimes) with the character, and everyone was open to the possibility. Even in 2021, Phoenix spoke for The Playlist about the plans that were held at that time:

“I mean, I don’t know. Ever since we were filming, we started to… you know, this is an interesting guy. There are some things we could do with this guy and explore them further. But as to whether we’ll actually do it, I don’t know.”

What do you think? They think that Joker 2 be as good and emblematic as the first part? With whom will our protagonist share this “madness of two”?

if you want to revive jokeryou can find it on Prime Video.

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