John Cena was shunned by superheroes before Peacemaker


In the world of superhero movies it is quite common to find former fighters in prominent roles. Such is the case of Dave Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy, or Dwayne Johnson in the future Black Adam. That is why before being peacemaker, John Cena considered that it would be easy to enter the superhero world with a role according to his abilities. However, the actor recently confessed that it was actually not as easy as it seemed at first.

Now that the series peacemaker has reached HBO Max, John Cena has been the subject of various interviews and talks with the press. In one of them, which took place through one of the podcast most famous in the media, Cena made a painful confession. He experienced the constant rejection of many projects related to superhero movies. Since the second installment of dead pool, even a few installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When asked if he had ever pursued roles in various superhero movies, Cena said, “I can tell you how many superhero roles I’ve been turned down for. Certainly Shazam was one”, just before commenting that he also tried to be Cable in Dead Pool 2.

Cena also said that he tried to break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and despite the rejection, he never gave up. “I kept trying,” he commented.

Of course it seems that his attempts paid off when James Gunn finally set his sights on him to play the most violent peacemaker of all. His debut in Suicide Squad, Gunn’s self-correcting sequel to that disaster courtesy of Warner and David Ayer, opened last year to rave reviews from audiences and critics.

Precisely one of the most critical points of that project was the incarnation of the peacemaker at the hands of John Cena. The violent, irreverent, rude and extremely sarcastic character quickly fell in love with the public. His charms also dazzled the studio executives, who before testing the success of the character with the premiere of the film, had already given the green light to his own series. spin off.

but above all peacemaker got his own series because according to James Gunn, the character deserved to have a full story arc. Something he didn’t get in the movie.

“In the movie, Harley [Quinn] she gets a really full story about herself, she gets a full arc. Bloodsport has a complete history. Rick Flag has a complete story. Ratcatcher 2 has a complete story. They all learn something about themselves, sometimes good things, sometimes bad things, but Peacemaker is an idiot and he’s still an idiot. He’s a bastard in the movie,” he explained. “I think there is something under that. We see a lot in flashbacks about the origins of Ratcatcher, about the origins of Bloodsport, but you don’t get that with Peacemaker. John [Cena] and I talked a lot about the character. Where is? How does it feel?

peacemaker It already premiered three of its chapters through HBO Max. Its season, which will consist of 8 episodes, will premiere the rest of the same week after week on Warner’s streaming platform. If you want to know everything about the series click here.

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