Joe Russo says the future of independent cinema is in streaming


The following statement probably applies to all types of industries, but when it comes to filmmaking, it is clear to all of us that in the world of cinema there will be a before and after the pandemic. Since the health crisis came into our lives, movie theaters stopped their business in their tracks and this allowed the titans of home service to shine their shoes with the best wax. For this reason perhaps, directors like Joe Russo consider that those works of the independent field will hardly return to theaters and instead their best option to survive, are the platforms streaming.

Avengers co-director does not speak (via) to the air and loads behind him an experience with both industries. He has both commanded blockbusters on the big screen for Marvel Studios, as well as small, modest-budget films that have premiered in places like Netflix, or Apple TV. Because of how the fair has gone, the filmmaker considers the following:

“I don’t see a resurgence of independent films in theaters. I just don’t do it, ”Joe said. “You get more money to make them in streaming. It’s the easiest thing for Netflix to give the green light and no one really bothers you [creativamente]. Movies are going to evolve, I’m not sure what cinemas will be like, but I know it will be more premium. “

Anthony and Joe Russo could be the masterminds behind The Avengers of Marvel, but lately they have focused their efforts on projects that are closer to independent cinema. Although the action tape Extraction, it is not exactly a work indie, it did result in one of the strongest successes that Netflix has had of all the original films for the platform.

That film starring Chris Hemsworth was not directed by Joe Russo or his brother, but it is a project of which they are producers and in which they were heavily involved. On the other hand, they did command the direction of Cherry, a suspense thriller closer to drama, which starred Tom Holland himself and arrived on the Apple TV platform.

On the other hand, the duo of filmmakers have in their hands the premiere of The Gray Man,another action thriller that will hit the Netflix platform at some point in the following year. Joe Russo’s approach to platforms streaming, is what probably leads him to opt for an independent cinema that in the future will not prosper in theaters. However, his vision leans more for creative freedom, than for monetary freedom. Hence, I consider it an advantage.

Cherry (2021)

«[Trabajar con un sólo estudio] It damages your influence in the film, and it forces you to make decisions that you don’t want to make, ”he explained. “What attracts me is that we began to hear voices other than those in Hollywood. If you work in a regional market, it is essential that you are there to promote local talent. On a personal level, I am more interested in diversity in narratives; the world is a better place when more diverse voices are heard.

This is not to say that Joe Russo is fighting the big studios. Both he and his brother had agreed to produce the live action that Disney is preparing about its animated classic Hercules. Although rumors say, that this deal hung by a thread, when the mouse study briefly fell out with Scarlett Johansson. Now that the actress and Mickey Mouse are friends again, maybe the contract is still going.

Joe and Anthony Russo also directed for Marvel Captain America and the Winter Soldier and its sequel Civil War.

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