Joaquin Phoenix says he knows nothing about the reported Joker sequel


Ever since the solo crime clown movie pleased critics, hit the box office, and garnered multiple accolades, Warner Bros. Pictures’ run has become more than obvious. Yes or yes there has to be a second part! Rumors about a continuation have generated a constant media sway, and only in August 2021 it seemed that it was already a guaranteed project. However, the famous Joaquin phoenix He is still reluctant to give his approval to any alleged confirmation on the sequel to Joker.

In a recent interview with The Playlist, Joaquin Phoenix was faced with the question of whether he knew of any news about the sequel to Joker or if at least he could confirm that such a sequel was on the way. The actor gave a brief response that at least hints at an undying fascination for the character of Arthur Fleck, which may motivate him to reinterpret him. On the other hand, he did not say anything illuminating about whether a second movie of Joker lay in the oven.

“I mean, I don’t know,” he said. «Since we were filming [la cinta original] We started to… You know, this is an interesting guy. There are some things we could do with this guy and we could [explorar] plus. But as to whether we actually will? I do not know”.

Last month, the Production Weekly website – the leading source for information on any movie or television series in development – added “Joker 2” to your database. The most interesting thing is that it not only includes Joaquin Phoenix as a confirmed member of the cast, but also presumes to Martin Scorsese as a producer. In the same department is Todd Phillips, director of Joker, who also receives credits as a screenwriter.

Therefore, Phoenix’s latest statements could well be due to a contractual obligation to say absolutely nothing about the sequel, even if it is a guaranteed project. It is true that the actor always expresses little interest in being part of film franchises and sagas, but since the premiere of Joker In 2019, he acknowledges that the mythical clown is another matter entirely. Back then, Phoenix felt that there is “more to do” with his version of the Joker, as the possibilities in the character arc are “endless” (via).

Thanks to his leading role in Joker, Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020. Among the film’s various recognitions, the Golden Lion from the Venice Film Festival also stands out. It grossed $ 1,074 million at the global box office against a budget of $ 55 million.

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