Joaquín Cosío is Wolverine in new Marvel adaptation


Without a doubt, the Mexican actor and winner of the Ariel Award can boast of a multifaceted career that has given him the opportunity to venture into the world of Marvel and DC Comics superheroes, whose last participation was made thanks to The Suicide Squadby James Gunn. Now Joaquin Cosío returns with Marvel to play Wolverine, one of the most iconic characters in La Casa de las Ideas, in the Spanish adaptation of the podcastWolverine: The Long Night.

Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM announced the launch of the podcast in Spanish Wolverine: The Long Night, a translation of the podcastWolverine: The Long Night, 2018.

“Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall investigate a series of mysterious deaths in the coastal town of Burns, Alaska, following the arrival of a stranger – a lonely man named Logan,” anticipates the synopsis.

Come here to hear the trailer audible of this sound production. But in fact they can already listen to the first two episodes (out of 10) on the SiriusXM mobile app or by subscribing to Marvel Entertainment on Apple Podcasts.

In addition to Joaquín Cosío as Logan / Wolverine, Brigitte Kali Canales (Agent Pierce), Guillermo Garcia (Agent Marshall), Ivan Bernal (Bobby), Marianna Burelli (Mallory), Ricardo Chávez (Prophet), Rafael Sigler (Joseph Langrock) and Bruno bichir (Sheriff Ridge). The direction is in charge of Alejandra López; the original sound design and mix is ​​thanks to Brendan Baker and Chloe Prasinos; while the script has Benjamin Percy’s signature.

Joaquín Cosío Wolverine Podcast

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Joaquín Cosío and the superheroes

In addition to having become Major General Mateo Suarez of The Suicide Squad (2021) for DC Comics, Joaquín Cosío had already worked with Marvel when he voiced Scorpion in the animated feature filmSpider-Man: A New Universe (2018), winner of the Oscar award in the category of Best Animated Film.

In 2019, Joaquín Cosío offered an exclusive interview with The Impartial to remember that although he has not been a fan of comics and superheroes, he is aware of the great impact that the genre has achieved in recent years, coupled with his signing in the James Gunn film for Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

«In my adolescence I read the comics of ‘Batman’. Obviously, since I devoted myself fully to acting, I put them aside and from then on I lost a lot of notion. I’m not an extreme consumer of Marvel, DC, or superhero movies in general but I know it’s very popular nowadays. It strikes me that this film is highly anticipated and brings together many characters who are mostly villains. I think I would like very much to be part of this project, “he said.

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