JK Simmons was heartbroken by the cancellation of Spider-Man 4


It is an open secret that the cancellation of Spider-man 4 It came from a series of disagreements between the studio and the creative part, including the protagonists. But apparently no one regretted the resolve more than the actor behind J. Jonah Jameson. For the sake of his return to the arachnid world JK Simmons claims that the cancellation of the Spider-man Sam’s Raimi broke his heart and certainly left him devastated. Perhaps more than his co-stars.

Apparently the actor was having the best time of his life playing such a funny and charismatic character, that when he was told that the next in line would no longer happen, it was a serious blow to him. Fortunately Simmons will return to his beloved Jameson with the next movie from Spider-man. To tell the truth, his return already happened from the previous film in what meant a small cameo with his character now as a great digital media mogul.

Jameson appeared on screens set up in New York to reveal the identity of the wall-crawler and show the face of Peter Parker to the world. So in reality his participation, no matter how brief, was very important to start the plot that we will see in No way home in a few days.

While Simmons chatted (via) upon Being the Ricardos, another of his upcoming productions, he was certainly asked about his return to Spider-man. That’s when he confessed that his return to the world of Marvel was very exciting, precisely because when he stopped last time, it was so devastating.

“After the Sam Raimi trilogy, when they moved from there, it was heartbreaking, I’m not going to lie,” revealed the actor. “I thought, ‘Oh well, it was unbelievably fun, and I was so glad I had that opportunity.’ When they came back a couple of years ago and said we wanted to revive that character, I was excited. You know, it’s just a matter of adapting it a bit to 2020, or 2019, or when it’s the first movie. [Spider-Man: Far from Home] he left. Really, to me, he’s the same braggart, only instead of running a newspaper, he’s running a media empire. “

Previously, the actor had already referred to the differences that his character would have with the version of Sam Raimi. Which means that in effect, the Jameson that we will see in No Way Home will be another. What we knew as a “variant”, a term coined by the Loki series and which explained to us that there are different versions of a person throughout the multiverse.

“I think he’s a slightly different version, certainly for the creators of this current version of the story, he’s a very different character,” he said. “For me, he is just a slightly different character. He’s the same braggart, the same boy with less hair.

According to Simmons, upon his return, the creatives told him that they would have to change his hair and remove the classic mustache. Although neither of the two were well received by the actor, in the end he relented with the hair, but he fought until the end for the mustache, something he managed to maintain.

We will know exactly about all changes when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits Mexican theaters on December 15th.

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