Jim Carrey Would Consider Reprising Ace Ventura If Christopher Nolan Directs


The legendary comedian is determined to leave all his previous projects in the past. For the past year, the Emmy nominee’s mind has been on the film saga. Sonic and in some collaborations with The Weeknd. However, regardless of his portrayal of Dr. Robotnik or his work with award-winning musicians, fans will always remember Jim Carrey (partly) because of the comedy films that made him famous in the nineties, such as The mask Y Ace Ventura. But if they think that the actor is willing to revive any of those classics, they are very wrong.


Weeks ago, within the framework of the 2022 Super Bowl, Jim Carrey starred in a Verizon commercial again in the shoes of “Chip” Douglas, the protagonist of the film cable doctor (nineteen ninety six). Such a precedent led to AND! News recently asked the actor if he would like to return to his most iconic characters through sequels, instead of mere commercial trailers.

“When many years have passed, unless a great person, a director or an author comes to you with a completely new vision of what’s going on… You know, if Chris Nolan came to me and said: ‘I want to make reality [una secuela de] Ace Ventura and I want to do something more interesting’, then I could listenCarey replied.

Honestly, can you imagine Christopher Nolan shooting a movie about the hilarious animal detective? Of course, the British filmmaker is very familiar with heroes who investigate a crime or seek the truth, be it in The Dark Knight, memento either Tenet. But the gulf is gigantic between such titles and Ace Ventura! However, the day Nolan decides to direct his first comedy, he will already know who to turn to.

On the other hand, regardless of the very hypothetical interest of that Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Jim Carrey finds it difficult to return to that mental, physical and emotional state he had when he made Ace Ventura and other contemporary tapes. Consequently, even with Nolan he would not be so sure of participating in potential revivals.

«After a certain time, there is not a single cell in your body that is that person. [que hizo esas películas]“added the actor. «Then [en las secuelas] you just end up imitating what you did in the old days and the original inspiration is not there«.

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In March 2021, the production house Morgan Creek revealed that he was developing a novel installment of Ace Venturain collaboration with Amazon Studios (via Collider). It also guaranteed the participation of screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who just worked with Carrey on the saga. Sonic. However, nothing was said about the potential return of the lead actor or anyone else from the original cast. Since then, there have been no further updates surrounding the project.

With Jim Carrey in the antagonistic role, Sonic 2: The Movie It has just arrived in Mexican theaters. Come in here to read the review of Cine PREMIERE.

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