Jason Statham gets the main role in The Bee Keeper, 7 figures movie by Miramax

If I had to choose one thing that gives me a sense of consistency in life, it would be my growing certainty that Jason Statham will deliver. The British actor, known for playing famous, intelligent, and villainous action figures, had established a reputation for himself, even when he first began his career, appearing in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The security Statham has had in his career, in that he’s played characters with well-known qualities, may be taken away since the action actor is now filming a movie about beekeeping, and of course, it sounds great.

While Jason Statham‘s gravelly voice is unlikely to change, this new endeavor seems like it will vary from his usual. Deadline reports that, after doing many high-octane stunts, the action star will lead a “lightning-paced” thriller loaded with history and mythology around beekeeping. The film will be named The Bee Keeper, and Statham will play the main role while also helping to produce it.

Miramax’s latest collaboration with Jason Statham is The Bee Keeper, the actor’s third film with the studio; the previous two have all been directed by Guy Ritchie, who first discovered Statham as an actor. Statham’s biggest role came just before the devastating epidemic when his movie Wrath of Man hit theaters. Additionally, he’s completed his role in a previously unannounced Guy Ritchie movie, which will be released next year.

The Miramax / Jason Statham collaboration has already been given a title, but the project will begin shooting in a year. It’s been reported that the Bee Keeper has hired Kurt Wimmer to script and lead the project. Wimmer’s projects include the new Salt revival, Point Break, and a remake of the popular horror movie, Children of the Corn.

Though the exact amount of The Bee Keeper’s seven-figure budget remains a mystery, it has been reported that it is no less than $1 million. Jason Statham has a loyal following and generates huge box office figures, featured in films like The Transporter, Crank, and The Expendables, among other blockbusters like The Fast and the Furious series. It’s safe to assume that the sequel to the 2015 spy movie will also spawn a new series on his career trajectory.

While Jason Statham has definitely demonstrated his capacity for “badass” in countless action films, I’m looking forward to seeing him perform in a different kind of film that is more thrilling, especially when the premise of beekeeping has heavily influenced his character; while I’m starting to see The Wicker Man’s influences on the project, I’m hoping for more from Statham and a much better story overall.

Despite the film being a ways off from production, AmericanMovies News will keep you informed on developments about The Bee Keeper.


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