Jason Momoa tests positive for COVID-19 after Dune premiere


Through social networks, the famous actor Jason momoa revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 after the premiere of Dune in London. On October 18, the ambitious science fiction film had its inaugural screening in the British capital. Momoa – who plays the tenacious swordsman Duncan Idaho in the film – appeared on the red carpet alongside director Denis Villeneuve and some of his co-stars, including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson.

Last week, Jason Momoa confirmed the results of his COVID-19 test through a video on Instagram Stories. Fortunately, he was seen with a very good demeanor, laughing and even took time to show off some So iLL brand tennis shoes that had just arrived by parcel.

“Hi everyone. Yes, I’m here with COVID, right after the premiere [de Dune]. I met a lot of people in England, so I received a lot aloha from the people. And who knows … Either way, I’m fine. Thank you for all your concern and love, “says the 42-year-old actor in his publication (via).

Also, the British newspaper The Sun reported that – according to sources close to him – Momoa learned that he had tested positive while on the film set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Recall that this sequel about the maritime superhero has been filming in England since June 2021. It is unknown (officially) if Warner Bros. Pictures had to temporarily stop production or has been able to get by without its star actor. For now, obviously Momoa had to isolate himself at home for a few days and luckily there are no reports that indicate more infections within the cast or production team of the upcoming DCEU film.

The same media reproduced the statement of a source that points to the concern of the high command behind Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. While there is absolute confidence in Momoa’s speedy recovery, those ringleaders would be distressed that they may have to extend filming times.

“Jason is fine fortunately and in isolation after testing positive. But it is a real headache for the bosses of the film, who are now worried about having to delay their busy filming schedule, “says the quote from The Sun (via).

And add:

“Of course, the safety of everyone who works on the film is the most important thing and everyone is screened regularly. They hope this is something unique and that they can work with Jason and continue filming. They all wish him a speedy recovery and hope to have him back on set.

For now, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom it is still scheduled to hit theaters on December 16, 2022.

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