Jared Leto Shares Tron 3 Update: “We’re Closer”


In five years, the Oscar winner has not taken his finger off the line. Since 2017, it has been reported that Jared Leto I was on my way to star tron 3, the next installment of the science fiction saga. In addition to starring, he also has a producer credit. And as recently as August 2020, we learned that the film would boast Garth Davis (a way home) in the director’s chair. However, in a year and a half there have been no major developments in this regard.

But keep calm, fans. The project is still in development and could arrive “sooner rather than later,” according to the renowned actor.

In a recent chat with ScreenRantJared Leto was faced with the question of what state he was in tron 3. And although he did not offer such a long or detailed answer, he assured that he and Walt Disney Pictures put all their efforts into the sequel to Tron: Legacy (2010).

“I’m a super fan of tron“, he claimed. “And we’re working hard on tron with our amazing Disney partners. It’s just an amazing group of creative people. We are getting close. We are getting closer and who knows. something can be [sucediendo] earlier than later”.

In the summer of 2020, Leto confirmed that he would assume the main role of that future third installment. It happened through an Instagram post that the histrion immediately had to edit, because she had made the mistake of revealing the title of the tape and possibly the name of her character. Of course, the screenshots did not play in her favor and her original words were left for posterity. “I am very excited and proud to confirm that YES, I will be the protagonist of TRON: AREShe wrote (via).

On the other hand, in the same publication, the interpreter stressed his love for the original film tron 1982, directed by Steven Lisberger.

“I am struck with such gratitude for the opportunity to bring this film to life, especially since both the original video game and the film affected me deeply as a young child,” he stated. “The fact that I can be a part of this new chapter is mind-boggling.”

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In addition to the participation of Leto and Davis, it is known that the screenwriter Jesse Wigutow lend his pen tron 3. On the other hand, Disney has yet to give the green light to the project. Also, it remains to be seen whether the stars of Tron: LegacyGarrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) and Olivia Wilde (Quorra), will make an appearance in the continuation.

There also remains the question of whether tron 3 would see the light in movie theaters or directly on the platform of streaming DisneyPlus. For now, IMDb sets December 19, 2025 as its tentative release date.

We will see Jared Leto soon in Morbius, belonging to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. It will arrive in Mexican theaters on March 30, 2022.

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