Jared Leto Says Movie Theaters Wouldn’t Exist If It Wasn’t For Marvel


Jared Leto believes that theaters probably wouldn’t exist anymore if it weren’t for Marvel movies. His affirmation comes after a turbulent time for the film industry. After the Covid-19 pandemic, which sheltered millions in their homes, places of mass assistance became hot spots for contagion. Movie theaters suffered the consequences and remained closed for months. Reason why the studios postponed their releases repeatedly. Such was the case with Morbiuswhere Leto plays a sort of vampire antihero from the comics.

Located in a position where he stars in a Marvel movie, which was removed from its premiere on several occasions, is how Leto finds himself in the position of say some things. During the promotion of Morbius The actor took the opportunity to reflect on the situation of the film industry in an almost post-pandemic stage.

“If it wasn’t for Marvel movies, I don’t even know if there would be theaters,” explained a reflective Jared Leto. “It just seems like there’s not room for everyone, and that’s starting to get a little heartbreaking.”

After two years of weak and immodest box offices, it was precisely a Marvel movie that revived the industry. Spider-Man: No Way Home it grossed nearly $2 billion worldwide. And by the way it became one of the highest grossing movies in history.

Before that, last year’s best-grossing movies were Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Venom: Carnage Unleashed, Black Widow or Eternals. All of them belonging to the Marvel studio and considered adaptations of the comics.

In contrast are other films. Although they were widely respected by critics, The last duel, Love without barriers, or the alley of lost souls, they did not have the same luck in ticket sales. In fact, many might regard them as huge failures.

That is why Jared Leto says he is grateful to Marvel movies, because in a way they perpetuate attendance at theaters. Despite the fact that he is known for getting involved in films of all kinds, the actor confessed that he is a kind of “cinema snob”.

“I know how important that was to me as a kid… escaping to the movies,” he said. “That cultural experience was quite informative and impactful. I saw movies in theaters that changed my life.”

Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbius in the upcoming Marvel and Sony film. The role is that of a man suffering from a blood disease, without hope of life and on the verge of tragedy. But when he tries to heal himself he becomes a kind of vampire, of course, thirsty for blood and other lives.

“He’s not the quintessential superhero,” Leto says of his character. The film will hit Mexican theaters on March 31.

Jared Leto’s entry states that theaters wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Marvel was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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