Jamie Foxx warns of Misery reboot based on his life


Many adaptations have been made of the works of Stephen King, but few of the works of Stephen King could inspire the birth of new ones. We mention it because Jamie Foxx says he has had an experience related to a couple of fans that could well inspire him to build a reboot of the Misery composed by King and adapted for the cinema by Rob Reiner.

In that 1990s movie we saw Kathy Bates win an Oscar for playing the role of a woman obsessed with her favorite writer. When he suffers an accident near the house of this great fan, she of course offers to rescue him from the elements and keep him at home as he improves. However, care gradually turns into captivity.

Jamie Foxx apparently had an experience similar to Misery in the company of some fans. This is how he explained it when he gave an interview for the magazine Men’s Health while he related that he sometimes uses his dreams to extract his most creative ideas that can later become juicy projects. Later he related that among his ideas is the reboot from Misery based on an uncomfortable experience with some fans.

Fox explained that his version of Misery it would be a slightly more exaggerated version of the original. It all started when on some occasion a couple won a coexistence with him that took place in the middle of a dinner. During the evening everything went according to plan and his companions were very kind to him as he acted out certain segments of his work in the film. Ray.

However, things began to take a somewhat strange turn and at one point the actor ended up feeling uncomfortable. Maybe not as uncomfortable as the character lying in bed after a leg break, but enough that the alarms in his head began to sound recklessly.

«Do you know what an actor loves most besides money? The applause, “he mentioned. “I was supposed to be there for 30 minutes, but I ended up staying there for two hours, doing re-enactments of Ray. But then it all got weird, so I built on that. “

We still don’t know if the mysterious reboot script for Misery one day it will see the light. But it would certainly be interesting to know what Stephen King would think about it. In fact, it is curious that the Misery Released in 1990, it is one of the adaptations of the writer that he himself has most enjoyed and applauded of all. It is no secret to anyone that the author has expressed dissatisfaction with various adaptations of his works, such as The glow by Stanley Kubrick.

On the other hand, said suspense film was carried out by an unattainable Kathy Bates who ended up taking all the important awards of his year. Despite his immortal portrayal, we are sure that no one would disagree with meeting a new version of his character. We certainly already had a pinch with Lizzy Caplan on the show Castle rock and the result was not at all inestimable.

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx has some interesting projects on his hands. The most striking will be his performance as Mike Tyson in the next biopic about the boxing legend. It will be a series directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Martin Scorsese. In addition, his return as Electro for the multiversal has been confirmed for a long time. Spider-Man: no Homecoming.

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