James Gunn and David Hasselhoff still want to revive The Amazing Car


Just started the new year, James gunn reiterated that one of his coveted projects is still a The incredible car. For a long time, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy has sounded as possible responsible for adapting that eighties television series to the big screen. But sadly, as much as he and David hasselhoff —The star of the original show— want to raise a feature film from the unforgettable KITT, what they haven’t had time to properly devise it.

A few days ago, a Twitter user asked Gunn which 1980s show (focused on a super machine) he would like to reprise as a reboot or movie. And the famous filmmaker answered the following:

«My friend David Hasselhoff and I have talked many times about making a modern continuation of Knight rider [título original de El auto increíble]. The main obstacle has been that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the interesting things that I want to do!«Reads the previous tweet.

Certainly we can not reproach James Gunn. In the last three years, his schedule has been completely absorbed by his two projects for the DC Extended Universe, which are Suicide squad and the upcoming HBO Max series Peacemaker. And now, when it comes to commitments to Marvel Studios, he must wrap up his Christmas special of Guardians of the Galaxy and lead the filming of the third film in the saga.

In response to James Gunn’s tweet, Brad copeland (Arrested Development) recalled that he wrote the script for a movie by The incredible car that made him extremely proud. The problem was that this project – created almost ten years ago – was sheltered by the now infamous Harvey Weinstein.

Yes, I remember asking about rights at that time. The Weinsteins? Forget this. I had been warned not to work with these guys since the 90’s, ” Gunn wrote about.

No film finally emerged from that script. And it was until the summer of 2020 that Spyglass Media Group announced that it had formalized an alliance with the producer James wan to make a feature film inspired by the eighties show. According to early reports, the coming tape of The incredible car will feature a script by TJ Fixman (Ratchet & clank) but currently nothing is known about the cast or who will occupy the director’s chair.

It is also unclear whether David Hasselhoff will be involved in any way in said reboot. But at least, those responsible for the project want their script to have the approval of the veteran actor, as Hasselhoff himself declared in January 2021 (via). On the other hand, with this reinvention on the way, what will happen to James Gunn’s wishes to direct his own film? Will you have to put them off even longer? Or imagine this: would you like him to join, as director, the production of James Wan?

The incredible car it originally aired between 1982 and 1986 on NBC. Created and produced by Glen A. Larson, the series follows Michael Knight (Hasselhoff) who is a vigilante who fights crime alongside his “amazing car”, KITT, which is basically an indestructible car with artificial intelligence and its own voice. The show consisted of four seasons and a total of 90 episodes.

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