“It’s not cinema,” says Michel Franco about superhero movies


“It’s not cinema,” says Michel Franco about superhero movies

The number of detractors is not reflected in the millions of dollars that the superhero genre has deserved at the box office. However, negative criticism continues to rain down on this type of cinema, to the point of questioning its name as “cinema.” This was made fashionable by the legendary Martin Scorsese a couple of years ago, but now it’s up to a Mexican director to reignite the debate. It’s more, Michel Franco He asserted that he has no interest in having any of his future films seen about masked vigilantes.

Within the framework of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, Michel Franco issued some statements that leave the films of Marvel Studios and DC Films in a bad way. Let us remember that the 42-year-old filmmaker participates again in the prestigious Italian competition, after obtaining the Grand Audience Prize in 2020 for the controversial New order.

“Never say never because life can take turns”, commented the director on whether one day he will venture into the superhero genre (via). However, he specified that at the moment “they do not interest me in the least” because, after all, that “It’s not cinema”.

«I can’t stand to watch a movie in which there are no twists, in which a formula is used, [en la que los primeros diez minutos] they dictate who is good, who is bad and what is going to happen. [Y además] assures you that the ending is satisfactory. I hate that cinema«Added the Mexican, referring to those films of cloaked vigilantes and protectors of peace.

Far away from the world of comics, Michel Franco prefers to bring narratives of his own authorship to the screen, where heroism and spectacularity hardly figure. But more importantly, the stories that interest you are those that arise from deeply personal emotions.

«All the directors that interest me are authors. Of course I would direct something that I have not written as long as it comes from some logic and interests me, but it is difficult because it usually comes from my obsessions, my fears, my tastes. I have enough movies in my head not to look elsewhere“Added the award-winning filmmaker.

At the Venice Film Festival, Michel Franco recently premiered his most recent feature film as a screenwriter and director. Its titled Sundown and consists of a drama about the adventures of a wealthy British family during a vacation in Acapulco. Within its cast are Tim Roth, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Mónica Del Carmen.

The previous title aspires to the Golden Lion, as well as the tape Box by Lorenzo Vigas, whose production was carried out by Franco himself.

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