Issa López will work with New Line Cinema and HBO Max on a new project


The Mexican director behind almost divas (2008) and come back (2017), isa lopezreturns to the cinema with the support of two major film companies: New Line Cinema Y hbo max. In accordance with dead linethe filmmaker will direct and produce the film The Girl with a Thousand Names (The girl with a thousand names), whose original script belongs to the filmmaker from Mexico City.

What is it about?

«The Girl with a Thousand Names tells the fantastically true story of a girl from another world, trapped in our broken reality… undocumented, in a detention center for unaccompanied minors and children separated from their families at the US border.”

The Girl with a Thousand Names It is the first original idea that Issa López has conceived since the premiere of her acclaimed and multi-award winning film come backwhose English title is Tigers Are Not Afraid.

“This is what we fight for. To show the world a story of your own, that comes from your soul, and is about the things that matter most to you. I couldn’t be happier right now,” the director wrote from her Twitter account.

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They Come Back (2017)

Currently, Isaa López is also developing two separate projects. The first corresponds to a movie western with werewolves (untitled) with the Oscar winner William of the Bull. In turn, López will work with Blumhouse Pictures to adapt and direct the story.Our Lady of Tears, whose story reveals a case of collective hysteria that is unleashed by a pandemic with supernatural roots in a female Catholic school located on the outskirts of the Mexican capital. The institution, called Villa de las Niñas, began in 2007 to recruit marginalized girls in conditions of extreme poverty.

Main image courtesy of Issa López on social networks (Instagram).

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