Is the live-action Miles Morales movie coming?


A rumor anticipates that Sony would already be working on a live-action movie starring Miles Morales to be part of the Spider-Verse.

Sony is betting big on the Spider-Verse and the expansion of this arachnid universe. With the Spider-man Tom holland As a flag, there is a development based on the productions of different villains (Venom, Morbius, Kraven, Vulture, among others), but everything indicates that Peter Parker will not be alone in this contest.

As you advance CBR, Sony already has in pre-production the development of a live-action movie starring Miles Morales. The rumor does not specify details about the production, release date or a possible cast, but it establishes that the film intends to join this universe that is taking shape over the months and that at some point all these actors will collide in a mega movie.

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Miles Morales as Spider-Man

Miles Morales comes from starring in his own exclusive video game for PlayStation.

It will be necessary to see, in case this rumor takes more consistency, what is the role that Marvel takes in this equation and if we will also see Miles Morales in the MCU.

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