Is Epic Games planning a Fortnite movie?


«Fortnite is a world of multiple experiences«. And boy is it! Especially now that the popular video game wants to migrate from the screens of our devices, computers and consoles to cinema screens. Well, that is what media such as The Information, which anticipates a movie.

Apparently the video game company Epic Games is creating an entertainment subdivision focused on the audiovisual world to diversify the brand. Therefore, one of the first projects that have been the subject of discussion is “a feature film based on Fortnite«.

The report details that Epic Games has signed three important directors of Lucasfilm: Jason mcgatlin (Skywalker trilogy), Senior Vice President of Physical Production at Lucasfilm, who has now become the new President of Special Projects at Epic Games. They also hold new positions Lynn bartsch (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and Chris Fury (Skywalker trilogy) (via).

The news is quite contrasting when we turn to Netflix, a company that wants to conquer the field of video games, after acquiring its first studio and, in turn, providing the first video-playable titles on the platform.

Fortnite and the cinema

In addition to hosting different game modes, Fortnite it has become a virtual platform for film screenings and music events. In 2020, Epic Games partnered with Christopher Nolan for one movie night on the big screen of Fiesta Campal »with three classic feature films from his filmography: The origin, Batman starts and The big trick. The filmmaker even surprised the players with the premiere of trailer from his latest movie: Tenet, whose event took place at Fiesta Magistral.

Fortnite movie Christopher Nolan
Source: Fortnite Tenet trailer

In 2021 there will be room for a night of horror shorts during Fortnite Halloween.

The movie of Fortnite will be the next Ready Player One: Start the game or Space Jam: a new era?

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