Inventing Anna – All about the true story that inspired the series


“Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it!” says one of the characters during the trailer. And that’s exactly what he did, all along, Anna Sorokin (or rather Anna Devey), a Russian-German socialite, who dedicated herself for several years to swindling the New York elite posing as a young millionairess. the giant of streaming seizes the facts to put together a 9-episode fiction series entitled Inventing Anna, about the adventures of this skillful woman. But what is the real story?

What is it about?

In Inventing Annathe new Netflix miniseries under the direction of Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy; scandal), we meet a journalist, who pursues the story of Anna Delvey (Julia Garneractress of The Assistant Y Ozarks), who convinced New York’s elite that she was a German heiress. Bold businesswoman or scammer?

The real story behind Inventing Anna

The series is inspired by a New York magazine article titled Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It, by journalist Jessica Pressler. In it, they talked about an alleged German heiress accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks, financial institutions, friends and acquaintances between 2013 and 2017. But it was all a lie, because Anna «Delvey» was nothing more than a skilled queen of the scams, who scammed the richest and most powerful people in New York out of more than $275,000 (via).

Anna Sorokin was born in 1991 into a Russian family (her father was a driver and her mother a domestic worker) with few economic resources and who in 2007 emigrated to Eschweiler, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. In 2011, Anna Sorokin moved to London to study Art at Central Saint Martins School. She gave up and went to Paris where she got an internship to write for the fashion magazine Purple. From there she decided to change her name and introduce herself as Anna Delvey…

Who is Anna Delvey from Making Anna Up?

In 2013 her life took a turn when she moved to New York and decided to present herself definitively as Anna Delvey, a German millionaire heiress with a fortune estimated at more than 60 million dollars, before the New York elite… But how did she come to be? infiltrated so easily into that sphere of power?

Very easy: Anna claimed that this fortune of hers was part of a trust fund that, at the moment, she could not touch. With such a fallacy, she began to gain fame as a rich and talented girl in search of funding to create an exclusive contemporary art club that she would call the Anna Delvey Foundation (ADF) and she almost succeeded…

Among his victims are Gabriel Calatrava, engineer, architect and son of Santiago Calatrava; the real estate tycoon Abby Rosenthe actor Macaulay Culkin and the chef Daniel Rose de Le CouCou. The businessman is also there Roo Rogers and the journalist from Vanity Fair Rachel DeLoache Williams.

Anna Delvey lived on bank loans. In fact, she applied for loans at institutions like the City National Bank and the Fortress, places where she almost got $22 million dollars of credit. But the socialite began to raise suspicions with the false documents that she prepared and because she repeatedly left unpaid bills in hotels, restaurants and luxury stores. Just to give you an idea, journalist Rachel DeLoache had to pay a hotel bill of just over $62 thousand dollars (more than $1 million pesos) (via).

In 2017, Anna was arrested for fraud and was sentenced between 4 and 12 years in prison. She spent three years in the Rikers Island women’s prison and was paroled in February 2021. However, the pleasure did not last long because she returned to prison for having an expired visa and is now awaiting deportation.

Julia Garner as Anna Delvey

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Where is Anna Sorokin currently?

The socialite is in custody at the Orange County Correctional Facility, in Goshen, New York, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE), in charge of resolving her deportation to Germany. Although thanks to her virtuality, we can also find her on her Instagram account, where she currently has more than 200 thousand followers.

“I’m writing my book, I have my NFT project [las siglas en inglés de token criptográfico, un certificado digital exclusivo que establece quién posee una fotografía, un video u otra forma de contenido online] and my merchandiseand I am working on prison reform issues,” said the socialite in an interview with the program Newsnight of the BBC(via).

How much did Netflix pay Anna Sorokin for the rights to her story?

And it is that becoming a criminal of the big leagues brings several revenues. If not, ask Netflix who paid Anna $320 thousand dollars for the rights to adapt his life story into the miniseries Inventing Anna. But don’t think that it has resulted in exotic profits for Sorokin. INSIDER exclusively reported that Sorokin used $199,000 to pay restitution to the banks and $24,000 to pay off state fines.

“I never asked Netflix to buy my just happened,” Sorokin said in an interview with the program Newsnight of the BBC(via).

Release date

The Serie Inventing Anna It is already available on Netflix from February 11.


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