, the new platform to discover film and TV talent


If you are a creator or audiovisual creator of cinema and TV or carry out any activity or profession related to the artistic medium, then is for you. It is a new platform for all artists in the entertainment world that works as a bridge to connect with more people in the environment and create work ties.

«[…] a new platform for entertainment industry artists to help entertainment industry actors, directors, writers, brands, producers, and others build an online community that offers free access to job opportunities and seeks to reinvent the way the industry interacts and creates content.

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How does the platform work?

According to The Equaliverse Inc., the company’s developers, in (available in English) users will be able to interact and collaborate directly with industry colleagues from around the world. By showing their talents, creativity and imagination they can discover new projects, content, monetize their skills and find job opportunities, which will be constantly promoted by the creators of the platform.

“We have created the ideal space and the necessary tools for artists to make their ideas, projects, works and concepts known to the right people. We want to encourage artists to find, connect and collaborate to create attractive content, which will be assets of great value and that we will promote through our social networks, in order to help boost the careers of all our users ”, he said Joaquin Rodriguez, founder of The Equaliverse Inc. and founding user of, Mexican independent filmmaker, writer and producer, with 6 feature films distributed internationally in more than 40 countries on digital platforms and with premieres in 8 countries, including comedy I am Pepito (2018).

Among the users of the platform is Manuel Teil, casting director and member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His filmography has around 98 credits in films such as Babel, Dog loves, Man on Fire, Once upon a time in Mexico, And Your Mother Too.

Start building your profile on the platform HERE.

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