In Mexico, Netflix bets big on soap operas


“Our love is impossible!”. “Your real father is…” Y “Damn cripple” These are just some of the most memorable phrases of Mexican soap operas, which continue to echo in the collective imagination even if it doesn’t seem like it. If we thought that with the new models of audiovisual production and consumption (that is, the streaming) the popularity of soap operas was going to decrease… We were wrong! Netflix pays tribute to them with a mini musical novel accompanied by the great stars of Mexican melodrama and that serves as a reminder that drama has always been part of our lives.

soap opera musical

The Netflix mininovela -which seeks to pay tribute to Mexican soap operas- includes the participation of Ludwika Palette, Zuria Vega, Itati Cantoral Y Edward Capetillo, among others.

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What drama soap operas with N from Netflix in Mexico

The Mexican public is addicted to drama

And because the giant of streaming he took it very seriously. The platform “conducted a survey in Mexico in which the 71% of those surveyed responded that the more drama, the better. Sure, as long as it’s on screen.” The happy survey revealed that the Mexican public prefers drama as their favorite genre.

And it is that to be honest, Mexican Netflix series are, both in substance and form, like traditional Mexican soap operas. The company with the red “N” revealed several data that may not be so shocking. But, for example, Rebel has been in the Mexico top 10 since its premiere and I am Betty the Ugly one was one of the most popular series in Mexico during 2021. On the other hand, Who killed Sarah? It ranks seventh as the most popular non-English speaking series by hours viewed in its first 28 days on Netflix.

Also, the giant streaming He said that most Mexicans prefer to consume their drama by watching several episodes per session. But there is more: 84% of those surveyed proudly admit that they watch soap operas. They were also asked what their favorite way of watching soap operas is and the two main answers in Mexico were: “with my partner” and “with my family”. What’s more, almost half of the Mexicans surveyed believe that their life is dramatic enough to turn it into a novel.

Coming soon on Netflix

The platform streaming anticipated that the drama will be one of its main ingredients thanks to the following productions that will premiere soon:

  • dark desire Season 2 (which premieres on February 2)
  • Wild rythm
  • Who killed Sarah? Season 3
  • where there was fire
  • Hunch

“All of them bring together the best of the series and the best of the novels to create stories that feel new but very familiar… and that, in addition, start with N from Netflix,” the company pointed out.

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