Ibero-American Film Festival in Miami, programming and activities


The Miami Ibero-American Film Festival (IAFFM) will take place from November 3-7, 2021. For its fourth edition, the festival has chosen Mexico as its guest country; in addition to a program of films dedicated to women and Mexican cinema. Here is everything you need to know about the contest.

The Miami Ibero-American Film Festival will feature a score of films that will make up the cycle “Women in Mexican cinema.” A total of 24 films (feature films, short films and documentaries) will be presented from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Portugal and, of course, Mexico. The Official Selection will cover various topics ranging from abuse of women to incarceration, whose screenings will take place at the Silverspot Cinema in downtown Miami (via).

The idea of ​​presenting Mexico as the guest country of this edition corresponds to “honoring the women of Mexican cinema” whether they are “actresses, producers, screenwriters or directors,” according to Fernando Arciniega, director of the IAFFM. “We are trying to get directors to come with their films and also invited Mexican artists,” he commented, (via EFE Agency).

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Tribute to Mexican female talent

White War he will be one of the Mexican stars to whom tribute will be paid during the festival activities. But there are also Ofelia Medina, Angélica Aragón, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Claudia Ramírez and Rosa María Bianchi (via).

“Honoring Mexican Women: Blanca Guerra We are pleased to announce that Blanca Guerra will be recognized at the fourth edition of the Ibero-American Film Festival as one of the most outstanding women in the Mexican film industry!”



As part of the activities of the Miami Ibero-American Film Festival there will be a master class on the Meisner acting technique for actors and directors. According to a release From the festival, renowned artists who have mastered this technique include Michelle Pfeiffer, David Mamet, Sydney Pollack, Naomi Watts, Steve McQueen and Jeff Goldblum, among others.


There will be a rally 48-hour session aimed at Ibero-American filmmakers through their mobile devices. The theme is completely free. Sign up here.

“The world’s first 48-hour short film contest with mobile devices.”

For more information visit the festival official website.

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