I can’t without you: Maite Perroni unleashes her dark side in a new film


I can’t without you is the new film by Maite Perroni. After her successful passage through successful and daring series such as The game of keys Y dark desirethe actress returns to the cinema with a thriller in which she moves away from her good woman characters to unleash her darker side.

The script is the original idea of ​​Frank Ariza. Perroni had already worked with this Spanish writer, in fact, that was the main motivation of the actress to participate in the film.

“I had already worked before on another project with Frank Ariza, who is the screenwriter of the story; he wrote me one day, he told me to read that script, I loved it and that’s how we decided once again to work together next to an incredibly talented production team”.

Blanca, a character played by Perroni, faces a terrible crime behind her back: accidentally causing the death of her parents. After leaving prison, she seeks to resume her life and recover what is hers. On how she approached the role, the actress commented:

“I worked hand in hand with Chus Gutiérrez to be able to play Blanca knowing her past very well, everything she had lived through and that desire to get out of prison to see what would happen to her life after that tragic incident where her parents died. It was a table work together with the screenwriter, writers and the director so that together we could build Blanca. What I like the most about this part of creating the characters is that you have to understand what they did without judging them in order to interpret them in the best possible way.”

synopsis of I can’t without youwith Maite Perroni

David is a successful businessman who has a comfortable life with his boyfriend Alex, an attractive gym trainer. One day Blanca reappears in their lives, David’s sister with whom he broke off all relationship after a dark event from the past. Blanca was accused of being the cause of the fire in which her parents lost their lives, for which she served a sentence in jail. She now begins a new stage and is determined to return to the life of her brother. She will be able to do anything to be able to pick up her life where she left off and take back what is hers.

The film is a co-production between Mexico and Spain. It was shot in Madrid from June to August 2021 and arrived in Mexico courtesy of Cinépolis Distribución. In her, Mauricio Ochman He also faces an important challenge, since he plays a homosexual character with very strong scenes both on a dramatic and intimate level.

In the words of director Chus Gutiérrez, I can’t without you it is “a journey through guilt. How to manage guilt, how to forgive oneself mistakes to continue living or on the contrary, refuse to accept that every action has consequences and sooner or later, guilt comes to meet you.

I can’t without you It is now available in theaters in Mexico. It will arrive in Spain until June 3, and after passing through theaters, it will arrive in Latin America through Paramount Plus.

Here is the trailer:

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