How and where to see DC Fandome 2021 in Mexico


DC FanDome 2021 already has a date and, like last year, the event can also be seen live in Mexico. DC Fandome is the event of the house DC Comics, in which the great news about its next projects in the cinematographic, television, and video game industry will be presented. Therefore, to stay up to date and not miss any details, we tell you how and where to see the virtual convention in our country.

Remember that only we will can access directorial broadcasts through for 24 hours straight. The ambitious event will be broadcast in 9 languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean). However, it must be taken into account that the panels must be viewed live, as they will no longer be available afterwards.

It should be noted that fans will be able to create a personalized agenda that includes panels, projections, events and master classes, of which you want to be a part. To organize the panels and schedules of your choice, you can access the official site and register.

What’s more It is recommended to enjoy the panels from a computer or tablet, although it is also possible to access from mobile phones. To complement the experience of joining through the main, fans will be able to watch the event onTwitch, YouTube, FacebookandTwitter.

For the latest news, please make sure to visit the site regularly. By registering – for free – inDCFanDome.comThey will receive all the news directly in their email inbox and will gain access to exclusive for members.

DC Fandome 2021 Official Date:

October 16, 2021.

What can we expect at DC Fandome 2021 from then on?

Through a press release Warner confirmed that this year we will have news of:

Warner Bros. Pictureswill feature content from six highly anticipated titles, including the new trailer forBatman, new content fromDC Super-Mascot League, the first image ofBlack adam, a look atFlashand behind-the-scenes footage ofAquaman and the lost kingdomandShazam! The fury of the gods.

Warner Bros. Televisionwill show previews of the new seasons ofBatwoman,Flash,Superman & Loisand also Sweet tooth. A farewell tribute toSupergirlwhich is nearing its end, after six seasons. The celebration of the 100 episodes ofDC: Legends of Tomorrow; the first advance ofNaomi, a new drama, and a preview of the new episode ofDC: Stargirl. 

Warner Bros. Gameswill also reveal news ofGotham knights, developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, and fromSuicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, developed by Rocksteady Studios.

The publishing division ofDChonor the legacy of one of the world’s greatest superheroes, an icon of truth and fairness,Wonder Woman, with the presentation of three books. DC explores its history through the DC Black Label label with the miniseriesWonder Woman Story; expands her myth of amazon withNubia and the Amazons, and pays tribute to the inspiration she has given women around the world with the original graphic novelWonderful Women of the World. Additionally, DC will share details of the next installment of the epic, expansive, crossover universe comic.Batman / Fortnite. Fans will also be able to hear more information aboutBatman: Fear State, close to its launch; and on the new edition of the series ofBlack Blanket, the return ofMilestone Universeand much more.

HBO Maxwill reveal exclusive content from the upcoming series,Peacemaker, as well as limited seriesDMZ. The platform will also debut more surprises and previews of new and existing series, such asTitansandDoom patrol. The four series arise fromWarner Bros. Television.

Warner Bros. Animationwill show a glimpse of the limited seriesAquaman: King of Atlantis, soon to be released. It will also give a preview ofHarley quinn, an animated comedy series for adults. They will share news from#HarIvy, a very incipient preview of what the Dark Knight will look like in the new seriesBatman: the masked man, and ofYoung Justice: Phantoms(Warning: there will be spoilers!).

Warner Bros. Home Entertainmentwill show previews of two original content fromDC Animated Films:Injustice, a brand new animated film, inspired by the video game and the comic with Superman and the rest of the Justice League. We will also see the trailer fromCatwoman: Hunted, another completely new animated film. Both are productions in association withWarner Bros. Animation.

Who will be in DC Fandome?

In the Hall of superheroes will be:

  • Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”
  • Ezra Miller
  • Jason momoa
  • Matt reeves
  • Noah centineo
  • Patty jenkins
  • Pierce brosnan
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Zachary levi
  • Zoë Kravitz

DC Kids Fandome:

Once again, the DC FanDome will be a family affair with options for the tiniest DC fans through the special experience for them at DC Kids FanDome. Kids and their parents can explore the DC multiverse with their favorite superheroes, watch sneak peeks of DC’s animated adventures — like Batwheels, DC Super Hero Girlsand Teen Titans Go!– and immerse yourself in all digital activities designed to be done at home safely and in a child-friendly environment within the

DC FanDome Store

Beginning September 24 through the end of October, Warner Bros. Consumer Products Division will launch the DC FanDome store for all fans to purchase clothing, accessories, collectibles and more. They will have exclusive DC Comics merchandise available only through the DC FanDome store, with new additions every week until the day of the event, October 16.

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