Hayley Atwell talks about the future of Captain Carter in Marvel

One of the great surprises (or perhaps not so much) was seeing Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter in full live action thanks to Multiverse of Madness. In the sequel to Doctor Strange, the sorcerer and América Chávez get lost in the multiverse until they reach one where great heroes receive them with suspicion. Among all of them is the character that Atwell never thought he could interpret for the big screen.

Although we already saw Captain Carter in her animated form in one of the episodes of What If…?, Hayley Atwell was never prepared for the news that she would get the chance to do live-action on paper.

Recently the actress convert about this moment. Something that he never thought possible back in 2019 when he joined the production of Captain America the First Avenger. There he played the love interest of Steve Rogers. However, since then his role has become one of the highlights within Marvel, so much so that he received his own series from him.

“I imagine my younger self hearing that and fainting. There were no expectations because of course this was before a time where Marvel is what it is now. And Captain America: The First Avenger started to build this new phase of Marvel, so there was always a risk. Every time you do a job as an actor, there are so many factors involved, you never know how it’s going to be received.” “So for me, when we shot it, I was like, ‘Okay. I’m just going to work.’ And I loved the experience, but beyond that, the movies belong to you. You decide what they mean to you. We set out to do something that would delight the audience and here you are, years later, still part of the experience. It’s all thanks to your support. So I thank you for that.”

Agent Carter survived the onslaught that meant moving the story of Steve Rogers to the present. Marvel and ABC gave the character a chance with two seasons of a television series focused entirely on his adventures in the 1950s. Later Agents of SHIELD also required his virtues in a couple of episodes and avengers endgame put it back on the screen.

When his character was thought to be fully finalized, the Marvel and Disney Plus animated series brought him back with a twist. On this occasion, in another universe, Agent Carter would become the super soldier. The result was so good that Michael Waldron and Sam Raimi saw fit to use the character for the sequel to Doctor Strange.

If you already saw the multiverse of madness of the beloved Stephen Strange, you probably know that his character perished in moments. This leaves fans of the character and Atwell herself with questions. Will the character be able to return at some point?

“I share your enthusiasm,” the actress continued. “And I would love for Marvel to find a home for it; a home that feels worthy of her in terms of her evolution and development as her character. I would like it to happen, and because I feel like the fans deserve it.”

There are rumors of a new series focused on the British soldier. But of course nothing confirmed at the moment. Meanwhile you can revive Captain Carter in the series What If…? which is now available on Disney Plus. For its part, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It will hit the platform on June 22.

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