Has Moon Knight been canceled by Disney Plus?


So far almost all of the Marvel and Disney Plus series have been conceived as one-off installments. That is, narrative arcs without a continuity plan for a second or several more seasons. Despite the tradition, the Moon Knight adventure seemed like a strong candidate to join the select club of perseverance formed by Loki Y What If…? However, during the last days in the network the rumors about what Moon Knight will be canceled by the studio.

The main reason for talk of a potential cancellation is due to the specifications that Disney has to conceive the series. Now that the audiovisual submission period for the Emmy Awards is approaching, it is important for studios and production companies to know in which category their material should compete. The series starring Oscar Isaac was proposed for the Limited Series categories, or what is popularly known as a Miniseries.

The above loa means that Disney and Marvel have no plans to bring back Marc Spector and Steven Grant for any more episodes. Unlike other series like WandaVision, hawk eye Y Falcon and the winter soldier, Moon Knight introduces a group of new characters who have thus far not connected with the rest of the MCU. The shows mentioned in any way are separate stories that already have some continuity in other films or future productions. What will happen then with the knight of the moon?

Yes Moon Knight was in plans to be canceled, the studio would have already announced it officially. However, that seems like a very remote possibility after considering the good comments the production has received from critics and audiences. Especially when it comes to the performance of Oscar Isaac, a signing that seems unlikely Marvel is willing to lose anytime soon.

In addition, it has already happened on previous occasions that some series are registered in the awards as Limited Series, due to the rush of the registration dates, long before executives or studios give the order for a second season. This has happened in recent years, for example, with the HBO drama Big Little Lies.

That is why the rumors that point to a cancellation of Moon Knight must be taken as false. On the other hand, the series has shown good acceptance. His recent episode caused several comments on social networks due to the strangeness of his plot twist and his doses of adventure and terror; very similar to those of The Mummy by Stephen Sommers.

There are still two more episodes to know the resolution of the story. Maybe after seeing the sixth and last episode we will be able to understand why Moon Knight was conceived as a limited series. Also next week it will hit theaters Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Movie that promises to forever change what we know about the MCU.

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