Has Hawkeye just revealed the new face of Mockingbird?


The fourth episode of Hawkeye It was released on Disney Plus and after seeing it many fans claim that we already have the new face of Mockingbird. This character has a close relationship with Agent Barton, being that both even had a complicated romance in the pages of the comics. Although their relationship did not work out at all, he is considered Clint’s great love, something that was immediately discarded when we met Laura’s character in Avengers: age of Ultron.

Before you read on, it is important that you know that we will enter the realm of spoiler. If you haven’t seen the fourth episode of Hawkeye and you don’t want to know the details, you’d better swipe right to get out of here. If you are still reading then you should know that the new fan theory and some media is that the famous Mockingbird would be none other than Laura Barton herself.

In itself it is already a delight to observe that for the first time Marvel has engaged with actress Linda Cardellini to give her a more relevant role. Previously we met her briefly in the second installment of the avenging team and later we saw her as a fleeting flash during the first few minutes of Endgame, just before she was missing for five years.

Now thanks to Hawkeye, we got to know more about the family of Clint Barton and during the fourth episode of the series we especially saw Laura behaving like a complete agent of SHIELD. Without revealing many details, during the events of the chapter the archer protagonist needed the help of his wife to track down certain contacts. These contacts are none other than the Tracksuit Mafiawhich would indicate that Laura knows the group perfectly.

In addition, Hawkeye’s desperate attempt to get the famous watch that was lost in the auction of the first episode is due to the fact that the identity of a former retired SHIELD agent is still attached to the object. Is that agent Mockingbird? Is Mockingbird Laura?

Such a narrative would make sense, because as we mentioned the character has always been close to Barton. The fact that he is transferred to his wife would coincide and fill the gap in his history prior to becoming a marriage. At no time has any Marvel movie delved into that. At most it was mentioned that Nick Fury helped her keep her marriage and family home a secret, but nothing more.

If confirmed, more than one would be on board with this new narrative decision. However, there are those who still waited to see the return of the Mockingbird featured in the series. Agents of SHIELD in the skin of the actress Adrianne palicki. Even for some time fans of the series clamored for a spin-off of his character. Something that never came to fruition.

Either way Hawkeye He still has a couple of episodes left and any plot twist could happen. The Christmas action series with Jeremy Renner, Linda Cardellini, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga and Tony Dalton will premiere its next episodes on the Disney Plus platform, the following two Wednesdays.

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