Harry Styles Says Goodbye to Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu


Harry Styles came close to starring in the remake from Nosferatu which sets up Robert Eggers, with Anya Taylor Joy in the cast. A few months ago the inclusion of him in the project had already been announced. What would have excited all the fans of the singer who expected to see him next to one of the most popular actresses of the moment. However, the actor’s agency recently confirmed that his participation in the film will no longer be a reality.

Although the details of this exit have not been revealed, many suspect that the whole thing is due to scheduling problems. Styles has been committed over the past several years to securing his participation in high-profile film projects.

The doors opened for him with dunkirk by filmmaker Christopher Nolan. He later became involved in mypoliceman next to the actress Emma Corin; in addition to Don’t Worry Darling Directed by Olivia Wilde and co-starring Florence Pugh. In “blockbuster” terms, Harry Styles managed to gracefully land in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with just a small scene in the film. Eternals by Chloe Zhao.

Next on Harry Styles’ list would be his collaboration with Eggers on Nosferatu. For years the filmmaker has been interested in showing his vision of the 1922 horror classic directed by FW Murnau. “It was an indie horror movie in its day, a little rough around the edges, but it’s one of the best and most disturbing movies ever made.” shared Eggers, during the promotion of The witch back in 2016.

The director assured that despite the many new versions tinted with color, he still prefers those more rustic black and white versions. Those tapes with mistakes and holes that somehow give the myth of the vampire an even more mysterious and disturbing aura.

Many would find it worrying if a new remake Hollywood pretends to play a classic of such a level. However, Robert Eggers has shown with just two filmic contributions that from the hand of his craftsman the most amazing and disturbing works can result. The witch is one of the most applauded modern horror movies of recent years. The lighthouse with Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe he also did the same with the myths of sailors.

Now the director is preparing to finally release his Viking action film. The Northman will hit theaters in April with an amazing cast including Anya Taylor Joy, Alexander Skarsgård, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe; and even the return to the cinema of the Icelandic singer Björk.

Meanwhile Harry Styles is preparing to release the first single from his new album. «As It Was» It will be the first song the world knows of Harry’s House, his new record production that will be published in its entirety on May 20. The singer will visit Mexico for two concert performances on November 24 and 25, 2022.

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