Halle Berry’s character in John Wick is getting a spin-off


One of the most exciting parts of being a fan of John Wick are the multiple possibilities of obtaining sequels, spin offs and similar projects. Despite that, for many it is clear that certain characters in the franchise will repeat their appearances in a potential sequel that has already been announced. However, the producers of the film have in mind to expand the universe of John Wick and for that they may need the help of Halle Berry.

The aforementioned actress was one of the funniest and most exciting inclusions of the last installment. To such an extent that many commented on her desire to see her return in a next chapter. Sofia Al-Azwar was one of the protagonist’s key allies in the last episode, however, Halle Berry has commented that it will be very unlikely to see her return in the upcoming fourth chapter.

However, behind that decision lies a somewhat more exciting reason. The actress has revealed that her character is likely to return, but with a movie of her own. Something that seems more and more common in the universe of John Wick.

As Halle Berry conceded a interview on the occasion of his recent participation in the block buster moon fall, was that the interrogation suddenly turned to the universe of the action tape starring Keanu Reeves. The actress, somewhat excited, said that her character could get a much more interesting expansion, almost as a reward for another spin off of one of his past characters that was suddenly closed.

“Sofia is not present in the next installment of John Wick,” he confirmed. “But there is a possibility that Sofia will have her own movie. So she may not be in John Wick, but she could be doing her own thing.”

With his words Berry refers to an unsuccessful experience from the past. When the actress was a Bond girl in one of the past Secret Agent installments, there were plans for her character to get her own adventures in a movie focused on her character. However, this planning was never carried out when the plans were definitively closed.

Instead of going ahead with those plans, MGM decided to make a reboot complete of the saga. The story is well known. Daniel Craig and company arrived to erect a new stage of just over fifteen years for 007. The end of that era happened last year when No Time to Die premiered in theaters.

Halle Berry now has the opportunity to have her own action franchise, as she debuts a new block buster on billboards. His role in Roland Emmerich’s new sci-fi destruction film is one of the most important and decisive in saving the Earth from an imminent collision with the Moon.

Accompanied by Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Donald Sutherland and Michael Peña, the actress stars in a science fiction film where natural disasters, space travel and conspiracy theories are the order of the day. moon fall It will arrive in Mexican theaters on February 3.

Meanwhile John Wick will continue to expand its horizons with various sequels and spin offs in planning. In addition to the potential film about Sofia Al-Azwar, it is also in the plans ballerina, the film dedicated entirely to the character of Ana de Armas in the saga. You can read more about that here.

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