Guillermo del Toro will re-release in black and white The Alley of Lost Souls


For the Mexican filmmaker and Oscar winner, the theatrical release of the alley of lost souls It has tasted bittersweet for two important and, perhaps, unexpected factors: the omicron variant and the parallel premiere of the blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home. To reinvigorate the release of his latest film, Guillermo del Toro is excited to try to seduce audiences again with a new black and white version of the alley of lost souls.

The strategy between Guillermo del Toro and Searchlight Pictures occurs after the poor box office performance of the film starring Bradley Cooper and Rooney Mara, since the omicron variant withheld the attendance of the audience (mainly adults over 35 years of age) at the screening venues . In addition, the arrival of Spider-Man in theaters on December 17, 2021 -the same day it premiered the alley of lost souls USA- It was catastrophic in financial terms for the film by the director from Guadalajara.

So you will have an idea, the alley of lost souls only managed to collect in its first weekend (December 17-19, 2021) a total of $2.8 million dollars. An amount much lower than that raised by the third installment of the wall-crawler, which on that same weekend reached $260 million dollars.

“It was the biggest curve in omicron and there was no way we could fight that. The audience was scared,” the filmmaker told THR.

the alley of lost souls in black and white

It will be January 28, 2022 when the alley of lost souls try to resurface and shine on the screens of American theaters with its black and white version. According to numbers of The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be screened again throughout the country, in approximately 1,020 theaters. Specifically, about 750 theaters will show the film in black and white; some other venues will show it in both versions and only a small number of movie complexes will keep the color version.

“This second release grew organically from the interaction with the public. It was very encouraging,” del Toro told THR. “This will allow the film to grow beyond peak omicron weeks.”

“The black and white version will expand to 500 theaters now.”

the alley of lost souls black and white version

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Cinematographer Dan Laustsen stated for TheWrap than the black and white version of the alley of lost souls It will be a completely different experience. “It’s another look. It’s another movie,” he said. And it is likely that he says it deliberately, because it makes a lot of sense given its setting not to go Also, this new color palette matches director Edmund Goulding’s 1947 film version.

“Even though we filmed The alley of lost souls in color, we light it up like it’s black and white,” del Toro told Variety. “You can see the exact same level of design, and we wanted to give viewers this experience as a version of the classic movies. not to go which the film is a part of. “It looks exactly like a 1940s movie in an amazing way.”.

Based onNightmare Alley(1946), by William Lindsay Gresham.the alley of lost soulscenters on an ambitious mentalist (Cooper) with a great talent for manipulating people. One day he connects with a medium (Blanchett) who is even more dangerous than him. The sordid story plunges us into the world of American circus entertainment in the 1940s. It introduces us to a handful of very particular characters who are members of a carnival. It’s full of hustlers, charlatans and femme fatales that will remind us of the film noir scene.

the alley of lost souls (color version) is now available in national cinemas from January 27.

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