Guillermo del Toro has spoken: “Animation is not a damn genre”

Just a few months ago, in the middle of the Oscar 2022 award ceremony, part of the conversation was about animated films and how they have been underestimated in the film industry. A recurring idea is that such films are only for children’s audiences and that adults should basically tolerate them. This is how the presenters of the Best Animated Feature Film category expressed themselves at the last Academy Awards ceremony. And obviously this did not please several members of the guild. But now, it was Guillermo de Toro’s turn to defend animation, seen neither as a genre nor as a simple attraction for children.

Guillermo del Toro: “Animation is not a damn genre”

Throughout the week, the Annecy International Animated Film Festival will take place, in its 2022 edition. One of the presentations that took place this Wednesday in the French city concerned precisely the filmmaker from Guadalajara. Guillermo del Toro took the stage at the event to present eight minutes of footage from the upcoming film Pinocchioa title stop motion which he wrote and directed for Netflix. However, the Oscar winner deserved the applause of the public since he, taking the microphone, sentenced: “Animation is not a fucking genre. Animation is cinema!” (via Variety).

Del Toro’s words echo the statements of Phil Lord Y Chris Miller —producers of acclaimed animated films such as Spider-Man: A new universe— who in April regretted that their productions fall into the category of “children’s genre” (via). They also defended that animation can touch on serious and adult themes, in addition to making use of excellent work in photography, sound, design and acting. like in any movie live action praiseworthy.

Lord and Miller even raised the name of Guillermo del Toro. They consider him one of the greatest defenders of animation, understood as a branch of cinematographic language that transcends the notion of the film genre.

“Next year, invite a respected filmmaker [a la entrega del Óscar] to present the award [a Mejor película animada] and frame animation as cinema,” proposed the award-winning producers. “Guillermo del Toro, who produces, directs and deeply appreciates animation, could remind the audience that animation predates cinema. That without the zoetrope, there is no American Zoetrope.”

Pinocchio (2022)

with his Pinocchio, based on the namesake and iconic character from Italian literature, Guillermo del Toro will make clear the endless technical and thematic possibilities of animation. On the one hand, it is a film about childhood and fascism, which makes it the last piece of a trilogy that also includes The Devil’s backbone Y The Pan’s Labyrinth. But in addition, the director chose to emulate with stop motion gestures and body movements in as much detail as permissible.

«[Queríamos] encourage silence and unnecessary gestures,” Del Toro shared (via). “We said, ‘Let’s have the characters make mistakes. Let’s do in four gestures what others would do in one. Let’s give them itching and headaches.

Pinocchio plans to release via Netflix in December of this year. Come in here to know all the details of the production. excited?

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