Global box office: Venom and Bond make late summer


October is the new summer… at least in 2021, as the 5 highest grossing films this weekend grossed, combined, $ 300 million dollars (MDD). In fact, four films released this month add up, together, almost $ 1,700 million … although 45% of that total corresponds to a single film released in China. We refer to The Battle at Lake Changjin, which in 3 weeks accumulates $ 755 million and is shaping up to raise another $ 100, which will be the highest grossing film of 2021. Behind, the other major premieres of the season are at the global box office are Bond Without fear to die ($ 447.5 million global dollars), Venom: Carnage released ($ 283.7 global) and My parents, my homeland, Chinese film that adds up to $ 206.5 million

Venom: Carnage released

In 44 overseas territories, Carnage added $ 62.3 million (a drop soft, of just 42%), bringing its accumulated to $ 115.6 million (and $ 283.7 global), with which it already holds ‘pandemic records’ in Russia and Latin America. Incidentally, it retained the 1st place in 39 territories, and its collection is higher – at the same point of its commercial run – than Shang chi (+ 102%), Black widow (+ 76%), No time to die (+ 34%) and Fast and furious 9 (+ 17%)

In the US, the antihero continues in +4 thousand theaters, and accumulates $ 168 million dollars, which means that next week it will exceed $ 183.6 million dollars. Black widow.

This week it debuted in Spain ($ 3.9 million), Italy ($ 3.7) and Taiwan ($ 2.8). In the first two it became the best pandemic debut, and in the last, the best debut since theaters reopened this year. Also noteworthy are their debuts in Saudi Arabia ($ 2.1 million, best Sony debut in history), Ukraine ($ 2.7, 3rd best debut ever) and India ($ 2.1, 2nd best studio debut). All of those numbers pale against South Korea’s $ 9.5 million, making it the best pandemic debut of a Hollywood film. The figure also stands out because in recent months the South Korean collection was in the doldrums.

Until today, its top territories are Russia ($ 28.2 million, the largest film of the Covid-Era), Mexico ($ 16.8), South Korea ($ 9.5), the United Kingdom ($ 8.3) and Brazil ($ 7.2). Recall that 75% of Venom’s (2018) revenues were made overseas, and China contributed $ 269 million, for which Sony is URGED to have its premiere approved there. For now, this week it makes its debut in France and Germany. Then it will be the turn of Australia (November) and Japan (December)

Halloween Kills

In U.S.A, Halloween Kills debuted as $ 50.35 million, the best R-rated debut after a 19-month pandemic. The 12th film in the franchise was also the best debut of the genre, surpassing $ 47.5 million. A place in silence- Part 2. Overall, it is the 9th best October debut in history, starting with Jackass 3D, and 3rd best for the genre this month, behind Halloween ($ 76.2 million in 2019) and Paranormal Activity 3 ($ 52.5 in 2011).

By the way, it was the best hybrid premiere of the Era-Covid and the 9th (first in a pandemic) Blumhouse film that debuts above $ 40 million, although it was available at the same time on Peacock, a streaming service that adds 52 million subscribers.

Thanks to the numbers Halloween Kills, the US box office added three consecutive weekends with a debut with + $ 50 million. This had not happened since May 2019, when Detective Pikachu, John Wick and Aladdin debuted with more than $ 50 million.

In 20 overseas markets, the 12th film in the series grossed $ 5.5 million. Their best debuts were UK ($ 2.3, Blumhouse’s best debut since Glass, in January 2019), and Mexico ($ 1.3 million, 2nd place) and this week it will debut in France, Russia, Germany and Spain.


No time to die

In the US, 007 lost 56%, added $ 24.3 million and brought its accumulated to $ 99.5 million in 10 days. In 72 overseas markets, it added $ 54.0 million (a decrease of less than 40%), taking its accumulated to $ 348.3 million and a global collection of $ 447.5 million, which is 13% behind Specter and 6% behind Skyfall. By the end of the week it will have passed Godzilla vs Kong and it will be the 2nd highest grossing Hollywood film, behind Fast 9.

Its top markets are the UK ($ 93.0 million, 3rd best Bond result), Germany ($ 46.3), France ($ 17.3), Japan ($ 16.3) and the Netherlands ($ 12.1). In Hong Kong it boasts the highest result of a 007 ($ 6.0). Of the large overseas markets, only China (October 29) and Australia (November 11) remain, a market that has 32% of its cinemas closed.


venom bond locker

The adaptation is screened in +5,200 theaters in 36 countries, and debuted this week in Japan (3rd place, com $ 1.8 million, with 31% coming from IMAX screens), Indonesia, Malaysia and Greece, although none of these countries will become its top territories, honor that today have France ($ 26.2 million), Russia ($ 20.2), Germany ($ 17.0), Spain ($ 8.6) and Italy ($ 8.0). With $ 129.3 million accumulated (10% courtesy of IMAX screens), a maxi-weekend-of-weekend kicks off for Denis Villenueve’s film on Thursday: it will debut in 40 markets, including the US, China, UK, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico.

Crazy Addams 2

In the US, the animated sequel adds $ 42.2 million after 17 days on the billboard, which means that it is another $ 55 million short of matching its predecessor’s 2019 gross.

In 21 overseas markets it added $ 9.7 million, that is, a decrease of less than 30%, for an accumulated amount of $ 16.3 million. Its best debuts were Russia ($ 3.8 million) and France ($ 1.1), and its best territory is the United Kingdom, with $ 5.25 million. It has yet to debut (between now and January) in Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Australia and Japan.

Shang Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

In the US, the superhero turns 7 weeks in theaters and accumulates $ 218 million, which surpassed Ant-Man and The Wasp ($ 216.6), but it will hardly reach Doctor Strange ($ 232.6). In overseas territories, delivery advanced to $ 196.2 million, for a global total of $ 414.3 million, even though it never debuted in China.

Other films on display

  • Free Guy: Losing control. After 10 weeks in theaters, the comedy totals $ 323.0 million, of which $ 120.6 comes from the US and $ 95.0 from China.
  • Dear evan hansen. In its 4th week in theaters in the US, the musical adds up to $ 14.6 million, which has already scratched the top 100 of 2021 … although the taste will last a week.
  • My Country, My Parents. The third film of “The Nationalist Trilogy” accumulates $ 206.5 million, that is, almost half way from its predecessor, which raised $ 433.2 million.
  • Paw Patrol: The Movie. The puppies totaled $ 1.9 million in 49 markets, for a global accumulated of $ 124.9 million, to only $ 8 million Tom & Jerry.
venom bond locker

Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 41. From October 8 to 10, 2021

  1. Venom: Carnage released $ 78,800,000 (45)
  2. No time to die $ 78,286,923 (73)
  3. The Battle at Lake Changjin $ 71,830,910 (1)
  4. Halloween Kills $ 55,890,000 (21)
  5. Crazy Addams 2 $ 16,907,119 (22)
  6. My Country, My Parents $ 14,550,898 (4)
  7. The last duel $ 9,020,000 (38)
  8. Dune $ 8,500,000 (36)
  9. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings $ 7,140,000 (47)
  10. A boss in diapers 2 $ 2,763,000 (56)


Corollary: The last duel

In the US, the new Ridley Scott (in the direction) and the Damon / Affleck dumbbell (in the script) had a horrendous debut: $ 4.8 million in 3,065 theaters. In 37 overseas markets it was just as bad: $ 4.2 million, with France being its best debut, with $ 0.90 million. His overall total, thus, is $ 9 million, 9% of his budget of $ 100 million.

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