Global box office: The Batman debuts alongside Joker


With just over $250 million global dollars (MDD), batman became the 2nd best Hollywood debut in the two years of the pandemic, only behind -obviously- Spider-Man: No Way To House ($600.5 million). Incidentally, he slipped into the top 50 of the biggest global debuts, in 47th place, behind Spider-Man: home coming ($256.5 million), along with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($252.5), and a little in front of Dark Knight Rises ($248.8) and joker ($248.4)

batman became the second best debut in two years of the pandemic, with $134.0 million, behind only Spider-Man: No Way Home. For WB it was also the biggest opening since Joker, and for its director Matt Reeves, the best debut of his career, surpassing $73 million dollars. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

presales for batman they were distributed throughout the weekend (that is, they were not front-loaded, with a peak on Friday). That means that moviegoers knew what they were going to (ie: to see a 3-hour film) and blocked their agenda. The drop from Saturday to Sunday was lower than expected, which speaks of a good word-of-mouth effect.

In addition, because it had a good rating from the public (A- in CinemaScore) and because Disney moved Turning Red to Disney +, the film starring Robert Pattinson will not have great competition until March 25, when it debuts Lost Cityand could approach a final collection of $400 million.

In 74 overseas markets, the bat man added $120 million, being 1st place in 73 of them. Its top markets were the United Kingdom ($18.4 million, 9% above joker), Mexico ($12.0 million), Australia ($9.2), Brazil ($8.8), France ($8.5), Germany ($5.1), South Korea ($4.4), Italy ($4.1), Spain ($3.7) and India ($3.4). By comparison, it debuted 8% behind The Dark Knight Rises and 10% ahead of joker. Of that $120 million, $22.3 million came courtesy of the IMAX format. This Friday the film will arrive in Japan and on the 18th, in China.

batman box office


With $271.6 million global, there is $3 million of the Tomb Rider 2001 ($274.7) and the Tomb Rider of 2018 ($274.6). The first, at the time, was a success. The second, instead, was considered a flop. Thanks to its $11.2 million this weekend in the US, Sunday became the 2nd film of 2022 to exceed $100 million (the Batman was the first, on Saturday). At $100.2 million, it’s aiming for a final box office of $130 million, making it the 3rd most successful video game adaptation, behind only Sonic ($146.0), Detective Pikachu ($144.1) and Lara Croft: Tomb Rider ($131.1 21 years ago).

In 64 overseas markets, the video game adaptation fell 50%, added $17.4 million and accumulated $171.3 million. Its top territories are the UK ($27.5), France ($14.9), Russia ($14.8), Spain ($10.5), and Australia ($9.7). On the 14th of this month it will arrive in China.

Other films in international territories

batman box office
  • death on the nile. In the US it barely lost 40% in its 3rd week, accumulating $37.0 million. In overseas markets, it amounts to $78.0 million dollars, for $115.1 million dollars globally.
  • Dog. The sleeper-hit reached $40 million in US theaters. In 19 other countries it adds $5.37 million, for a global total of $45.3 million, with many territories yet to debut.
  • Sing 2. In the US it accumulates $153.5 million dollars after 11 weeks. In the United Kingdom, it surpassed its predecessor, adding $40.5 million. Globally, its accumulated amount advanced to $360.2 million.
  • Jackass Forever. The comedy completed a month on the US billboard and totals $54.4 million. Globally, this Monday it will reach $70 million.
  • scream. It took 8 weeks to reach $80 million in the US. On a global level, it adds up to $137.5 million dollars, approaching the $169 million dollars that the first 3 films averaged.
  • Marry me. The comedy grossed $21.4 million in the US and $47.1 million globally. Oh, how far behind was Hustlers, with its global $150 million and its near-Oscar nomination.
  • Belfast. In the United Kingdom it reached a curious mark: it is already the highest grossing black and white film in history, with $19.4 million, thus surpassing Schindler’s list.

Top 12. Global Box Office
Weekend 05. From February 4 to 6, 2022

  1. the Batman $248,500,000 (75)
  2. Uncharted $28,400,000 (65)
  3. Spider-Man: No Way Home $8,400,000 (64)
  4. Death on the Nile $7,827,000 (42)
  5. The Battle At Lake Changjin II $7,497,828 (5)*
  6. $6,831,181 (20)
  7. Too Cool To Kill $5,943,253 (4)*
  8. Sign 2 $5,759,000 (68)
  9. Nice View $3,950,725 (1)*
  10. I Fell in Love Like A Flower Bouquet $2,608,374 (1)*

*After 33 days in theaters, China’s Lunar New Year releases add up to these cumulatives: The Battle At Lake Changjin II ($625.1 million), Too Cool To Kill ($403.1), Nice View ($203.2) and I Fell in Love Like A Flower Bouquet ($45.5).


Corollary. Spider-Man: No Way Home

Surprisingly, of the top 30 box office in the US, it was the film with the smallest drop in revenue (-24%) vs. last week. His accumulated amount advanced to $786.4 million and could reach $800 million. In overseas markets, it added $4.4 million dollars, for a total of $1,080 million dollars. Thus, its global accumulated amount advanced to $1,866.4 million dollars, without a dollar from China.

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