Global box office: Sonic 2 brings families back to theaters


Paramount wanted to prove it, and boy did they prove it: there is a family market ready to watch movies with the kids… in theaters. If we remember Sonic: The Movie It was the last great blockbuster that was released before the Covid-era, and its commercial run was affected in some markets by the closure of cinemas (in others, such as China, it debuted with the reopening of theaters, but with very high numbers). reduced). In the end, the blue hedgehog ended up grossing $304.9 million globally in 2020, and 26 months later it’s back with the sequel, which debuted to $142.1 million globally.

In the US, the comedy debuted with $71.0 million and 6 million tickets sold, a figure higher than its predecessor by 22% and even higher than fast and furious 9, the last summer. Incidentally, it became Jim Carrey’s biggest debut, topping $68.0 million Almighty (Bruce Almighty) in 2003.

The film received an A in CinemaScore, which suggests that it will exceed the $148.6 million of its predecessor in February 2020. 61% of its audience were men; 46% between 18 and 34 years old and 38% Latino, surpassing Caucasian (29%) and African American (20%) viewers.

In 54 overseas markets, it added $37 million, with its best debuts -all in 1st place- being Mexico ($6.3), Brazil ($3.4) and Italy ($1.7). With two weeks on the bill, its top territories are the United Kingdom ($14.0 million), France ($9.0), Mexico ($6.3), Australia ($5.4), Germany ($3.8) and Spain ($3.7).

But Sonic 2 It is not the only great success that we have had this 2022. So far, after the first 100 days of the year, 11 films have exceeded 9 figures globally:

Highest-grossing movies in the first 100 days of 2022

  • The Batman (USA) $736.1 million
  • The Battle at Lake Chang Jin 2 (China) $636.7
  • Too Cool to Kill (China) $411.7
  • Uncharted: Off the Map (US) $383.4
  • Nice View (Chinese)$215.9
  • Boonie BearsBack To Earth (China) $151.3
  • Sonic 2 (USA) $142.1
  • Scream (USA) $138.8
  • Death on the Nile (US/UK) $131.5
  • Morbius (USA) $126.3
  • RRR (India) $124.1*

*RRRIndia’s box office phenomenon, became the country’s 3rd highest-grossing film in history, surpassing $1,000 Crore ($132.0 million global).


Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore

One week before its premiere in the US (and Mexico), the third installment of Animals fantastic It added $58.0 million in 22 territories, with its best debuts being China ($10.0 million), Germany ($9.4), Japan ($8.6), the United Kingdom ($8.0), Australia ($3.9M) and Spain ($3.1M). Obviously, this installment will not reach its predecessors for several reasons. On the one hand, the interest aroused by the saga has been declining over time, due to its lack of consistency and lack of direction. On the other hand, an important market like China has closed more than half of its halls.


sonic 2 box office

North of the Rio Grande, the superhero grossed $358.9 million in its 6th week in theaters, and is poised to break into the all-time top 50. He today ranks 53rd, behind My favourite villain 2 ($368.0 million, 50th place); the jungle book ($364.0; 51) and dead pool ($363.0; 52). This week surpassed Intensely, Aladdin Y Furious 7.

In 75 overseas markets, the bat man added $6.6 million, for an international total of $376.1 million and a global total of $735.1 million.


Jared Leto did it: he has the lowest-rated movies in the MCU and the DCEU, and this one looks set to go to the bottom of the box office in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the US, the installment lost an alarming 75%, added $10.2 million and accumulates $57.0 million in its 2nd week in theaters, with a view to ending with $80 million. In overseas markets, it lost 62%, added $15.0 million dollars and took its total to $69.3 million dollars. At a global level, it adds up to $126.4 million dollars, a sum that exceeds by $50 million the $75 million dollars that the production cost.

the bad boys

In the US, Dreamworks animation will debut on April 22. Meanwhile, in 43 overseas markets it added $7.5 million, for $40.3 million globally. Its top markets are the United Kingdom ($6.2 million), Spain ($5.0), Mexico ($4.5), Germany ($3.5) and Australia ($3.3). It also has its debut in China, South Korea and Japan pending.


uncharted movie

With $142.9 million, it is already the 3rd most successful video game adaptation in US history, behind Sonic ($146.0) and Detective Pikachu ($144.1). Perhaps it will reach the first place… for a short time, well Sonic 2 will be the new champion. In 55 overseas markets, it added $3.1 million, for a cumulative total of $240.5 million and a lump sum of $383.5 million.


The new Michael Bay (with Eiza González) debuted in 4th place in the US with a disastrous sum: $8.7 million and barely 675 thousand tickets sold. Curious thing: viewers awarded it an A- in CinemaScore. In 68 overseas markets, it added $2.8 million dollars, for a total of $22.5 million dollars.

ambulance interview

Everything Everywhere All at Once.

A24’s acclaimed production expanded from 38 to 1,250 theaters in the US, and that was enough for it to reach 6th place weekly, with $6.05 million ($8.4 million accumulated when adding its limited release weeks).

Lost City

In the US, the comedy with Sandra Bullock added $9.1 million in its 3rd week and accumulates $68.8 million. In 25 international markets, its advanced accumulated grew to $9.7 million dollars, for a global total of $78.6 million dollars:

Corollary: animations, relegated from the box office

Finally, song 2 this weekend became just the 2nd animation of the Covid-Era to exceed $400 million globally ($401.5 million, to be exact). The first was Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

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