Global box office: Shang-Chi to overtake Black Widow in the US


Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is comfortably on track to be the highest grossing film of the ENTIRE pandemic in the United States (US), surpassing the ~ $ 184 million that will end Black widow and is heading to the unprecedented figure of $ 200 million in the Era-Covid. As data: the last film that exceeded $ 200 million north of the Rio Grande was Jumanji 2: The Next Level, that reached the mark on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. Since then it seems that 83 years have passed, but the truth is that before the end of September, the 25th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will arrive in the promised land.

Globally (and still without a confirmed premiere in China), Shaun has a good chance of leaving Natasha Romanoff behind, as he adds $ 257.6 million (of which $ 21 million belongs to IMAX screens). Therefore, no one was surprised that this week Disney announced that the rest of its premieres for 2021 will reach theaters exclusively.

In U.S.A, Shang chi registered a fall of 53% (small for the type of film that it is), added $ 35.7 million (the best second weekend of the Era-Covid) and entered the top 3 of “second best weeks of September”, only behind That ($ 60.1 million) and That: Chapter 2 ($ 39.6). In 10 days on the billboard, it adds up to $ 145.6 million, and in a maximum of 10 days it will have already exceeded Black widow as the highest grossing film in the pandemic in the US.

global box office shang chi

In 42 overseas markets, the delivery directed by Destin Daniel Cretton added $ 35.2 million USD (only lost 34% of its audience) and took its accumulated to $ 112.0 million USD, maintaining the leadership in top markets such as Australia, South Korea, Italy, Russia, and United Kingdom.

Their numbers are impressive since the cinemas in Southeast Asia remain closed due to a pandemic (except Singapore) and that important markets such as Germany, Italy and France have punished income because they ask for Covid tests to enter the cinema. To date, its top markets are the United Kingdom ($ 16.4 million), South Korea ($ 10.7), France ($ 7.5), Russia ($ 6.1), Japan ($ 5.5), Hong Kong ($ 5.1), Germany ($ 5.0), Brazil ( $ 4.6), Mexico ($ 4.4) and Spain ($ 4.0).

Evil one

In U.S.A, Malignant It did not succeed in being in the phenomenon of terror that Warner Bros did manage to place years ago this month, as it happened with That ($ 123.4 million in 2017), That: Chapter 2 ($ 91.0) and The nun ($ 53.8). James Wan’s new thing only totaled $ 5.57 million and earned a C in CinemaScore, making it almost impossible for him to achieve even half of the $ 40 million it cost to produce. In their demographics, 68% of tickets were purchased by 18-34 year olds, and 57% were male (the normal for gender is nearly 50/50).

In 69 international markets (including Mexico) their numbers were a scary thing: just $ 6.3 million, for a global total of $ 15.07 million.

Free Guy: Losing Control

In the US, the Ryan Reynolds comedy reached its first month on the billboard and to celebrate it exceeded 9 digits. At $ 5.8 million this week, he brought his accumulated to $ 101.8 million.

In 47 overseas territories, Free guy added $ 17.3 million, bringing its accumulated to $ 174.7 million ($ 276.5 million global). In China, it was once again 1st place weekly, and its accumulated progress to $ 76.3 million. Other major markets are the United Kingdom ($ 19.7), Russia ($ 10.4), France ($ 5.1), Saudi Arabia ($ 4.4), Germany ($ 4.4), Japan ($ 4.3), Australia ($ 3.8), Spain ($ 3.1) and Mexico ($ 3.1) . $ 19.7 million comes from IMAX screens, including $ 10.7 from China.

After We Fell

The third installment of Anna Todd’s young-adult-novel (YA) reached 230 theaters in Canada and totaled $ 0.42 million, enough for 11th place in North America, although it will debut in the US until September 30. In 21 overseas markets it added $ 3.1 million, bringing its global accumulated to $ 13.5 million.

global box office shang chi

The Suicide Squad

The 2021 version of the DC comic says goodbye to theaters with disappointing numbers: $ 164.8 million global, with its top markets being the US ($ 54.8 million, almost $ 30 million less than Birds of prey), United Kingdom ($ 19.0), Russia ($ 9.1), France ($ 6.4), Germany ($ 6.1), Spain ($ 5.2) and Mexico (5.0).

Other films in global markets

  • Candyman. In the US it adds up to $ 48.0 million in just 3 weeks. In 53 overseas markets it accumulates $ 13.5 million, to reach the neighborhood of the global $ 60 million.
  • Jungle Cruise: Welcome aboard. In the US, he completed 7 weeks in the top 5, taking his accumulated to $ 109.9 million. Globally, the film has already reached $ 201.7 million.
  • Paw Patrol: The Movie. In the US it adds $ 34.6 million after 4 weeks in theaters. The news comes from overseas markets: $ 57.9 million, for a global total of $ 92.5 million.
  • Card Counter. The new from Paul Schrader (director with six decades in business) reached 580 theaters in the US and slipped to 8th place, with $ 1.05 million. In 17 days it comes to streaming.
  • Show me the father. The Christian documentary debuted in 1,076 US theaters and amounted to $ 0.70 million. Mexico and other overseas territories will arrive on September 30.

Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 37. From September 10 to 12, 2021

  1. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings $ 70,986,000 (43)
  2. Free Guy: Losing Control $ 23,119,000 (48)
  3. Malignant $ 11,870,000 (70)
  4. Paw Patrol: The Movie $ 7,915,000 (50)
  5. Candyman $ 6,158,000 (54)
  6. Raging Fire $ 4,761,000 (5) *
  7. Stand By Me $ 3,472,000 (1) **
  8. After: Lost Souls $ 3,156,000 (22)
  9. Jungle Cruise: Welcome aboard $ 3,145,000 (40)
  10. Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle $ 2,787,000 (1) ***


The number in parentheses indicates the number of territories where the film is shown.

*Raging fire (China) adds $ 187.7 million and is the second biggest Chinese success of the summer, behind Chinese Doctors ($ 202.0 million).

**Stand by me (Taiwan) is a $ 9.5 million romantic comedy in China.

*** Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle (Japan) is the 23rd official film in the series. It debuted in December 2020 in Japan and has now arrived in China. His global total advanced to $ 19.9 million.

Corollary: Carnage

Are Sony thinking that it was a bad idea to move to Venom: Carnage released from its previous release date, set for September 17?

Now, on his new date (October 1) he will face Crazy Adams 2 (October 1st), No time to die (October 8) now Halloween Kills (October 15th).

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