Global box office: Scream is heard in the world


Unlike other franchises that take over a decade to return and are treated with indifference by the public, scream (2022) reached the global box office and was able to reverse the disdain towards its 2011 predecessor and debut with numbers (and reviews) close to the first films, adding $48.6 million global dollars.

In the US, the 5th installment of the saga totaled $30.6 from Friday to Sunday and it is estimated that with Monday’s earnings (holiday in the US) it will advance to $36.0 million (2.4 million tickets). At another time (and due to its genre) it would be on track at $80 million, but due to weak future competition and the ‘long-legs’ that register well-received films during the pandemic, it could be the first production of 2022 to exceed the $100 million.

Just as an anecdotal fact: its opening was close to $32.9 million scream 2 (1997) and the $34.7 of scream 3 (not counting inflation). At the time, scream 2 had a record opening in December. scream 4 (2011), meanwhile, debuted with $18.4 million.

The film was accompanied by countless associated brands (in Latin America there is Fanta and in Mexico, Oxxo) and an aggressive campaign on social networks. As we announced, the critics treated it favorably and in CinemaScore (rating given by the public) it obtained B+, excellent for the genre. By demographics, 53% were men and 67% were young people between 18 and 34 years old. By race, 46% were Caucasian, 33% Latino and Hispanic, 11% African American, and 5% Asian (effectively: the Latino community responds to terror).

In 50 international markets it debuted with $18.0 million dollars, 23% above scream 4 and 57% above Halloween Kills. His top territories (all in 2nd place) were the UK ($3.4), France ($1.8), Australia ($1.5), Russia ($1.3), Germany ($1.1), and Mexico ($1.1).

global box office scream

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Completed its first month in theaters, it is the 8th highest-grossing film of all time globally, with $1,625 million, and in the course of the month it will advance to 6th place, once it surpasses Jurassic World ($1,669.9 million) and to the new version of The Lion King ($1,654.3). In addition, it is the 11th film to exceed $100 million in IMAX screens.

In the US, it lost the lead, with $20.8 million dollars, and on Monday it will reach $704 million dollars, which will make it the 4th highest-grossing film in history, surpassing the $700 million Black Panther. The last movie I could top is Avatarr, with $770 million.

In 63 overseas markets it advanced $926.3 million, thanks to the $33.0 million of the weekend. Mexico became the highest-grossing film of all time on Thursday, when it surpassed $1,474.2 million pesos (MDP). Avengers: Endgame, and this weekend it reached $1,500 million pesos ($72.0 million dollars). While Brazil ($50.4 million), Central America ($12.6) and Ecuador ($7.9) is the 2nd highest grossing film of all time.

Its top overseas markets are the United Kingdom ($112.1), Mexico ($72.0), South Korea ($58.5), France ($58.0), Australia ($50.6), and Brazil ($50.4). Apparently it is definitive that it will not reach China, which would have added another $200 million.

global box office scream

The Matrix Resurrections

The 4th installment of the saga finally arrived in China… where it was not resurrected. Although it took the 1st place weekly (something that has not happened with a Hollywood film since no time to die) did it with $7.5 million, and its final box office will be around $15 million. Present in 79 countries, its top global markets are the US ($36.0 million), Japan ($11.8), the UK ($9.3), Russia ($8.0), China ($7.5) and France ($7.4). His global total advanced to $140 million.

song 2

Next week will be the most popular animation of 2021, when it surpasses Charm. Today it adds up to $215.7 million dollars, of which $96.3 come from overseas markets. Its top countries are France ($16.6), Russia ($11.3), Mexico ($10.8), Australia ($9.8) and Spain ($6.7), and they could be joined by Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan. In the US it accumulates $122.1 million dollars, and this week it only lost 29% (it made $8.3 million dollars) even though it is already available in PVOD.

The King’s Man

The King's Man trailer

In the US, it adds $29.3 million dollars after 4 weeks, the same amount that its predecessor raised in its first 3 days. In 44 overseas territories, it made $10.2 million, for a total of $63.8 million ($92.5 global). Its best debut was Russia ($2.2 million, 1st place) and its top markets were the UK ($8.7), South Korea ($8.2), Japan ($7.2), France ($5.2) and Taiwan ($4.6).


As we already announced, it is its last week as the highest grossing animation globally in 2021, with $222.5 million. In China, it celebrated its first week in theaters, but it barely adds up to $6.2 million. And in the US, his soundtrack is breaking records: it is barely the 6th of an animated film that reaches the top of the Billboard 200.

Top 10. Global Box Office
Weekend 53. From December 31, 2021 to January 2, 2022

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home $54,200,000 (64)
  2. Scream $48,600,000 (51)
  3. Sign 2 $16,713,000 (55)
  4. King’s Man: The Origin $12,519,000 (45)
  5. The Matrix Resurrections $11,915,000 (79)
  6. Embrace Again $6,778,576 (6)
  7. The Gucci House $4,941,000 (50)
  8. G-Storm $4,189,830 (6)
  9. Agents 355 $4,170,677 (25)
  10. Another Me $4,097,459 (1)


global box office scream

Other international films

  • belle. The animation (probably nominated for an Oscar in its category) debuted in 1,326 theaters in the US and thanks to this it added $1.64 million.
  • Agents 355. In the US they barely add up to $8.9 million in 10 days, and at a global level (25 countries) their accumulated amount is $13.9 million.
  • West Side Story. The musical drama brings in $33.9 million in the US and $54.7 million globally. We’ll see if the upcoming prizes help him in his box office.
  • Embrace Again, G Storm, Another Me. The 3 Chinese films remained in the weekly global top 10 and accumulate $126.5, $85.7 and $59.4 million, respectively.
  • The Gucci house. The surprise SAG nominee for Best Acting Ensemble totals $122.4 million globally. His box office helps his campaign, no doubt.

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