Global box office: Love with very high barriers


The spectacular reviews and the good reception of the public were of little use. At the end, Love without barriers (West Side Story) had a debut of just $ 15.0 million dollars (MDD) global: $ 10.5 million in the US and the rest in 37 markets, including 6 large, including Mexico.

In the following weeks we will see if the film recovers in style The Great Showman or Annie (Although it has neither the motivational tone nor the support of a powerful original soundtrack or an unreleased song, as these films did) or it fades as it happened with another musical praised by critics and public: In the neighborhood. Of course: it is not a failure (in all senses) as it was Cats: $ 6.6 million on its US debut (it cost $ 95 million), C + on CinemaScore and 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. West side story ($ 100 million budget) got “A” in CinemaScore and has 93% on Rotten Tomatoes… and woke up with 4 Golden Globe nominations, including Best Musical or Comedy.

We will also see countless analyzes trying to explain what happened at the box office with Steven Spielberg’s first musical. The first explanations go something like this:

west side story by steven spielberg
  • “His commercial run is a marathon, not a sprint.”
  • “Disney’s mistake was releasing it this week, still far from Christmas.”
  • “… but if it was released a week later, it would not have the IMAX screens or the PLF (Premium Large Format) format”
  • “They would have released it first in a limited format (some rooms) and then already at the national level (in the US)”
  • “… But if it was released like this, it would face atrocious competition against Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sing 2 Y Matrix”.
  • “It was very risky to release a remake of a beloved and award-winning musical. Who would want to see it, even in a pre-pandemic world? “
  • “The problem was that it did not have big stars in its cast, as happened to In the neighborhood Y Dear evan hansen”.
  • [Sobre su falta de conexión con la comunidad latina, que apenas representó 30% de los boletos vendidos] “It doesn’t matter that it’s a ‘Latino’ movie. Mexican-Americans do not feel identified with this story “
  • [Sobre sus resultados en territorios overseas] “Older audiences, an important demographic for this film, chose not to go to the movies due to the increase in cases of the Omicron variant in Europe.”

Of the overseas markets, the “best” results came from the United Kingdom ($ 1.7 million, 2nd place), France ($ 1.1, 2nd place), and far behind Germany ($ 0.3), Russia ($ 0.2), the Netherlands ($ 0.2) and Mexico ($ 0.1).


In the US it raised $ 9.42 million in its 3rd week (just lost 28%), for a cumulative of $ 71.3 million. In 47 overseas markets it added $ 13.6 million and took its accumulated to $ 80.5 million. Its top markets are France ($ 9.0), Colombia ($ 7.9, 7th biggest success in history), United Kingdom ($ 5.6), Spain ($ 5.5) and Russia ($ 4.8). With a global $ 151.2 million, it is already the number 1 animation in the world in 2021 … but here they come I am who i am (China) and Sing 2.

global box office love barriers

The Gucci house

In the US it advanced to $ 41.0 million in its 3rd week. In 63 overseas markets it added $ 10.1 million and reached $ 52.0 million. Its top markets are the United Kingdom ($ 9.8), Russia ($ 6.3) and Germany ($ 4.1). Next week it will become the 39th film that exceeds 9 digits this year, since it adds up to $ 93.0 million to this day.

Venom: Carnage released

Next week will be the 6th film that exceeds $ 500 million global dollars, since to date it adds up to $ 493.3 million. In the US it amounts to $ 212.0 million after 11 weeks, and in overseas markets, $ 281.3. If it had premiered in China, today it would be fighting for the crown of the highest grossing Hollywood film of 2021.

Other films in global markets

  • Eternals. At $ 395.5 million globally, next week will be the 9th movie to hit $ 400 million. In the US it amounts to $ 161.2 million, leaving behind No Time to Die.
  • No time to die. And since we talk about James Bond, he remains as the global leader of Hollywood in 2021, with $ 771.1 million. We’ll see how Spidey does.
  • Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City. In the US it adds up to $ 15.9 million after 3 weeks. In 42 overseas markets it amounts to $ 15.0, for $ 30.9 million globally.
  • Ghostbusters: The Legacy. In the US, it adds up to $ 112.0 million in its 4th week, ever closer to the $ 128.3 million of the 2016 film. Globally, it is $ 164.7 million.
  • Sing 2. Prior to its premiere in the major markets (including Mexico and the US) it totals $ 2.9 million in 13 minor territories.
  • Schemes In Antiques. The ‘Local Indiana Jones’ was the number one movie in China, with $ 14.6 million ($ 51.6 million accumulated). Be somebody, second, it accumulates $ 132.2 million.
  • Les Tuche 4. The fourth installment of the popular French comedy saga (conveniently located at Christmas) had the best local debut of the year, with $ 5.3 million.
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog. In the US, the family option adds up to $ 47.7 million after its 1st month in theaters. In 42 global markets, its accumulated increased to $ 62.0 million.
  • National Champions. The film distributed by STX, which revolves around a quarterback, had a poor debut in the US: just $ 0.30 million in 1,197 theaters.
  • Don’t look up. The Adam McKay Netflix comedy hit 500 theaters ahead of its streaming debut. It added $ 0.7 million over the weekend.
global box office love barriers

Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 50. From December 10 to 12, 2021

  1. Charm $ 23,025,000 (48)
  2. Love without barriers $ 14,900,000 (38)
  3. Schemes in Antiques $ 14,663,368 (2)
  4. The Gucci House $ 14,195,749 (64)
  5. Ghostbusters: The Legacy $ 13,500,000 (54)
  6. Be Somebody $ 9,837,673 (1)
  7. Clifford: The Big Red Dog $ 8,725,000 (41)
  8. Eternals $ 6,700,000 (48)
  9. Venom: Carnage released $ 5,550,000 (61)
  10. Les Tuche 4 $ 5,355,250 (1)


Corollary: Dune

It debuted in its last big market, Australia ($ 3.5 million, 1st place). It will end its time in theaters with + $ 400 million, because today it adds up to $ 390.0. Its top markets are the US ($ 106.2),

China ($ 39.3), France ($ 31.3), United Kingdom ($ 29.3), Germany ($ 22.1) and Russia ($ 21.3).

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