Global Box Office: Lightyear: To Infinity and…ok, no

At the beginning of the year, Lightyear It sounded like one of the ‘almost certain’ films that could reach $1 billion globally at the box office in 2022. But little by little the spin-off/prequel lost ground and debuted… with $85.6 million globally, a figure a bit disappointing, far from the $130-140 million that Disney expected.

In international markets, the spin-off/prequel debuted with just $34.6 million in 43 territories, trailing the dinosaurs (in its 3rd week) and Tom Cruise (in its 4th week). Latin America – as a whole – was 1st place, and it was also the biggest animated debut in the pandemic, taking 1st place in Mexico, Argentina, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay (and the Philippines).

Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay debuted in 2nd place. Outside of LatAm, it was 1st place in Italy and Iceland and 2nd in Spain, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand. For better dimensioning, their numbers were 63% higher than those of Charm and 4% at dand song 2, and just 12% behind Sonic 2 in the same group of countries. Its top 5 is made up of Mexico ($8.1 million), the United Kingdom ($4.0), Argentina ($2.6), Brazil ($2.5) and Australia ($2.1). On Friday it arrives in France and on July 1, in Japan.

What happened, in general? First, that it is a spin-off. Second, that this spin-off feels more like a DVD “bonus material” (because of the 90s era) than like a cinematographic event. Third, the reception from critics and the public, which was good, but not spectacular. Fourth, that many gave ‘skip’ to Lightyear because the franchise had supposedly ended in Toy Story 4. Fifth (in Europe), a climate that did not help much. Sixth, the controversy generated by the characters of the LGBT + community. Seventh, that the families were still distracted by the dinosaurs. And there may be more, and another problem is added to them. Nine: in 10 days it arrives Minions: The Rise of Gru.

In U.S.A, Lightyear debuted far from the expected $70-80 million and settled for $51.0 million (second place, behind Dominio), behaving more like a ‘Pixar original’ in the style Coconut ($51.0) and Ratatouille ($47.0) which as a sequel to toy Story 3 either Toy Story 4. With his A- CinemaScore (it’s not right, but it’s ok) he could top $200 million.

Jurassic World Domain

lightyear box office
Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World Dominion.

The third installment of ‘World’ and the sixth of ‘Jurassic’ reached $622.2 million globally, with lower than expected declines. In 72 international markets, it added $76.1 million dollars and brought its total to $372.4 million dollars. If we remove China (a market that just doesn’t pick up) its numbers are 35% behind Jurassic World and 18% behind the fallen kingdom at the same point, in similar markets.

And since we are talking about China, in its 2nd week it added $24.0 million and brought its total to $92.8 million, so soon this Wednesday it will be just the 3rd Hollywood film in the Covid-era that exceeds $100 million, behind fast and furious 9 Y Godzilla vs Kong. Behind China, its top markets are Mexico ($36.1 million, 16th historical place), the United Kingdom ($26.2 million), South Korea ($22.8), Australia ($15.4), France ($14.6), Germany ($12.6), Brazil ($11.9 ), Spain ($10.0) and India ($9.4). It will arrive in Japan on July 29.

In U.S.A, Domain added $58.6 million, losing 60% (62-65% was expected) and accumulates $259.1 million, with a view to adding -at least- another $100 million. Of that total, 400 IMAX screens contribute 8%, while premium large format (PLF) screens contribute 11%.

Top Gun: Maverick

lightyear box office

The sequel is already – by far – Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing film, with $885.2 million globally, well above Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol ($791.6 million).

With $466 million in the US (this week it added $44.0 million, losing only 15%), it reached two marks: 1) It is producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s biggest hit, beating Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($423.0 million… but $1,070 million globally). 2) It entered the top 20 of the US historical box office. A third interesting fact is that it is the 3rd highest-grossing film in its 4th week, only behind Sniper ($89.1M) and Avatar ($50.1).

In 64 overseas markets it added $39.7 million (it only lost 25% height) and advanced to $419.0 million, and this week it will debut in South Korea. Its top markets are the UK ($71.5 million), Japan ($42.8), Australia ($40.1), France ($34.5), Germany ($20.9) and Brazil ($16.3).

Other films in international markets

lightyear box office
  • Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. After 7 weeks, it adds $405.2 million in the US and $537.4 in overseas territories, for a global $942.5 million.
  • Bob’s Burgers. The animation reached $30 million in the US (that is, it has already doubled its budget). His global total is $31.8 million.
  • All in parts at the same time. After 13 weeks in the US (12 in the top 10) he adds $65.1 million. Its global total advances to $86.8 million global.
  • The bad boys. The animation totals $94.4 million in the US, and apparently it will not reach 9 figures. At a global level, it amounts to $236.2 million.
  • Downton Abbey: A New Age. The sequel totals $87.3 million global, far from the $192.1 million of its predecessor.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This Monday the 20th, the sequel will exceed $400 million globally. In the US it amounts to $190.5 million.

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