Global Box Office: Jurassic World: Dominion Goes for $1 Billion

Jurassic World: Dominion, sixth installment of the popular franchise that today totals $5.4 billion dollars (MDD), quickly reached $389.1 million globally, partly because a week ago it debuted in 15 territories (Mexico, in the lead), and partly because it reached the two largest global markets: USA and China. Of that total, $25.0 million corresponded to IMAX screens, being Universal’s 4th best historical result in the format.

In U.S.A, Domain debuted with $143.3 million (3% below the fallen kingdom) and 10.8 million tickets sold, the 4th highest number of the Era-Covid, behind Spider-Man: No Way Home (20.6 million), Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (14.0) and Top Gun: Maverick (11.6). Some fun facts: 43% of moviegoers bought tickets because it’s part of a franchise they love, and 25% cited the cast as motivation (notably the Dern/Goldblum/Neill trio); 56% of the tickets were sold to those over 25 years old, and 35% corresponded to premium formats (including IMAX, with $12.3 million).

Yes Domain behaves like the fallen kingdom, will end up around $400 million. There are those who claim that there weren’t ‘enough dinosaurs’ as part of his promotion, and others will say that Maverick stole the spotlight in his 3rd week. The truth is that having a 9-digit debut, still in a pandemic (because we’re still here, right?), is a good result.

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Colin Trevorrow’s film was present in 72 overseas territories (last week there were 15), where it added $176.6 million, for a cumulative total of $245.8 million in 12 days. In addition, it had the best debut of the franchise in 16 countries and in 3 it was the biggest Universal start. It was 1st place in 52 markets, and its numbers were only 11% lower than its predecessor and 29% behind Jurassic World…excluding China, a troubled market, where 1 in 5 cinemas are still closed, including Shanghai and Beijing. In fact, in China it added $52.5 million (best Hollywood debut of the year).

Behind China, its best debuts were UK ($15.4 million, Universal’s 3rd biggest debut), France ($9.7), Australia ($8.5), Germany ($7.5), India ($5.7), Spain ($5.4), Malaysia ($5.2) , Indonesia ($4.7), Taiwan ($4.5), and the Netherlands ($3.0). Of the territories where it debuted a week ago, the top 3 are Mexico ($30.4 million, where it will surpass its two predecessors and enter the historical top 15), South Korea ($21.7) and Brazil ($8.4).

Top Gun: Maverick

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At this time, it is already the 2nd highest grossing Tom Cruise’s careerwith $747.0 million global, and by the end of the week it will have surpassed Mission Impossible: Fallout and its $791 million. Is $1 billion a possibility? Without a doubt, since its decreases are minimal, its word-of-mouth effect is amazing and it takes away a key territory: South Korea.

In the US, Joseph Kosinski’s film only lost 44%, added $50.0 million and brought its total to $393.3 million. Thursday will already be the biggest hit of 2022. In 64 overseas markets, it added $52.7 million (-39%), for a cumulative total of $353.7 million. Its top territories are the UK ($63.0), Japan ($33.9), Australia ($32.6), France ($28.7), Germany ($18.0), Brazil ($13.0), Taiwan ($10.9), Mexico ($9.9), Italy ($9.3) and Saudi Arabia ($8.5).

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The sequel advanced to $930.2 million globally, making it the 61st highest-grossing film in history. In the US, it is its last week as the highest grossing Hollywood film of 2022, with $397.8 million. In overseas markets it is still the biggest success of the year, with $532.4 million. This week it debuted in the Ukraine, with $145,000. Its top territories are the UK ($51.4 million), South Korea ($49.2), Mexico ($40.6), Brazil ($33.1) and France ($27.7).

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the bad boys

In the US, animation reached $91.5 million after 8 weeks, surpassing Antz and its $90.7 million (without inflation adjustment). In 72 overseas markets, it added $4.4 million dollars, for a cumulative total of $138.1 million dollars. With $229.6 million globally, it outperformed other Dreamworks Animation animations, such as The Croods 2: A New Age ($214.9 million), the prince of egypt ($218.6) and Chicken Run ($227.7).

Other films in international markets

  • Downton Abbey: A New Age. In the US it reached $40 million in its 4th week. Adding overseas markets ($43.8) comes to $83.8 million globally. In July it debuts in Sweden.
  • Flames of revenge. The remake is in theaters in the US for a month, where it totals $9.2 million. Adding overseas markets, it grows to $13.8 million globally. Friday arrives in Japan.
  • Sonic 2: The movie. The sequel will wait another week to reach $400 million globally (to date it totals $397.6 million). On August 19, he arrives in Japan, his last stop.
  • The lost City. After 12 weeks, it adds $104.9 million in the US and $82.7 in overseas markets, for $187.6 million globally. In 2 weeks it debuts in Japan, missing territory.
  • Bob’s Burgers Movie. The adaptation of the popular animation totals $27.0 million in the US and an ‘extra’ $2.1 million courtesy of its first overseas markets, for $29.1 million globally.
  • The Roundup. The South Korean hit brought in $7.6 million this week, for a cumulative $81.1 million.

Top 8. Global Box Office
Weekend 22. From June 10 to 12, 2022

  1. Jurassic World Dominion $319,984,000 (73)
  2. Top Gun Maverick $102,700,000 (65)
  3. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness $10,284,000 (49)
  4. The Roundup $7,569,000 (4)
  5. The Bad Boys $6,650,000 (72)
  6. Broker $5,235,000 (2)
  7. Sonic 2: The Movie $2,710,000 (55)
  8. The Bob’s Burgers Movie $2,438,000 (4)


locker jurassic world domain

Everything Everywhere All at Once

With $83.49 million global, Everything everywhere at the same time is, officially, the biggest worldwide success of the young distributor A24, thus surpassing The Devil’s Legacy (Hereditary), and its $80.2 million, already Ladybirdwhich totaled $78.9 million globally.

The sleeper-hit totals $63.0 million in the US after 12 weeks, and this week it had previews in Mexico and several Latin American countries.

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