Global box office: Encanto and Gucci, bonsai records for November


November left us at the global box office as an inheritance two premieres that, even when they debuted with smaller numbers than expected, meant records in their respective segments. On the one hand, it is Charm, the newest from Disney Animation, which debuted with a global $ 69.6 million (MDD) and is destined to become (barring what it says Sing 2) in the highest grossing animation of 2021. While that happens, it is already the best debut for an animation in the pandemic. The other record is for Lady Gaga.

The Gucci house

The new Ridley Scott started in 47 global markets (including Mexico and the US) and pocketed $ 29.3 million. Of that total, two-thirds ($ 21.8 million) came from the US, and his numbers reached him to become the best debut of a drama in the last two years. The previous one was Little women, in winter of 2019, with $ 16.7 million in its first 3 days and $ 29.2 in its extended weekend of 5 days.

In 40 international markets, The Gucci house added $ 12.8 million, with its top territories being the United Kingdom ($ 3.4 million, 1st place), France ($ 1.9), Mexico ($ 0.97, on a par with A star Is Born), and Spain ($ 0.79). On Friday it will arrive in Germany and Russia.

global box office november


Without Top Gun: Maverick in the equation (originally this was your date-Covid), Charm dominated -by little- a “very familiar” weekend in the US, with $ 40.3 million from Wednesday to Sunday (3.7 million tickets), not far from the $ 35.3 million of Ghostbusters: The Legacy (3.25 million entries).

From Friday to Sunday it added $ 27.0 million, low by Disney standards (A big dinosaur, always referred to as “the big Pixar flop” that debuted Thanksgiving, totaled $ 55.4 million over the long weekend). The possible reason? It is being seen – by theme and by date – as the “Coco 2021”. Fortunately, Charm it obtained an A in CinemaScore, which suggests that it will end up exceeding $ 100 million.

In international markets it will have to navigate against the 4th Wave of Covid and the commotion that the Omicron variant is causing. While that happens, it is already, in pandemic times, the largest animated debut in Latin America and in markets such as Brazil, France, Spain, Indonesia, Argentina and Central America. In Colombia ($ 2.6 million) it was the 2nd largest animated debut in history (behind Toy story 4) and accounted for 92 out of every 100 tickets sold over the weekend. Other important territories were France ($ 3.5 million), United Kingdom ($ 2.4), South Korea ($ 2.2), Italy ($ 2.1) and Mexico ($ 1.6). They will eventually be joined by Australia and – perhaps – China, if it gets a release date.


In the US it is the 7th film in the COVID-Era that exceeds $ 150 million ($ 150.6, being exact). In 49 overseas markets, it added $ 10.2 million, for a cumulative of $ 217.8 million, with its best territories being South Korea ($ 26.4 million), the United Kingdom ($ 18.7), France ($ 14.9), Mexico ($ 14.3) and Brazil ($ 11.1). With $ 368.4 million global, this week will exceed the final collection of Black widow.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

In the US it adds $ 209.5 million after 9 weeks in theaters, and will soon exceed the $ 213.5 million of its predecessor. In 60 overseas markets (… although without China, which gave its predecessor $ 265 million), the antihero adds $ 260.1 million. This week it debuted in Australia ($ 5.0 million), and this premiere will be followed by Japan. Its global accumulated increased to $ 469.6 million, which exceeded the $ 467.8 million of Godzilla vs Kong.

global box office november

Ghostbusters: The Legacy

Unlike its distant predecessors (and the 2016 version) that played ‘local’, with little success outside the US, this amounts to $ 28.0 million in 28 advanced markets ($ 115.8 million global), the largest being the United Kingdom ($ 10.1 MDD). If Ómicron allows it, on Friday it will arrive in France, South Korea, Spain and the Middle East. In the US, as we anticipated, fought for the leadership to Charm, and in 10 days it adds up to $ 87.8 million.


In the US it exceeded 9 digits after 6 weeks on the billboard. At $ 102.2 million, it is WB’s highest grossing film in the Covid-Era, beating out Godzilla vs. Kong. In 74 overseas markets it adds $ 272.0 million, for a global total of $ 374.2 million, and on Friday it arrives in Australia.

Other films in global markets

  • Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City. This strange spin-off debuted in 16 global markets, with just $ 13.9 million. In the US it added $ 8.8 million.
  • The French Dispatch. Wes Anderson’s latest racks up $ 35.4 million globally, of which $ 14.5 million is courtesy of the US and $ 5.2 million from the UK.
  • The Battle at Lake Changjin. The propaganda-war film totals $ 896 million globally, and is already the greatest success in the history of China, on top of Wolf Warrior 2.
  • King Richard. The sports drama accumulates $ 11.45 million in 10 days in US theaters. Globally (35 markets) it amounts to $ 16.6 million.
  • Be Somebody. The Chinese black comedy became the 37th film of 2021 on the last day of November that exceeds $ 100 million.
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog. Who would say: in its 3rd week, the red dog adds $ 42.8 million, a collection higher than that of Peter rabbit 2 and very close to Tom and Jerry.
  • Belfast. The possible nominee for Best Picture at the Oscar totals $ 5.0 million in its 3rd week in the US. The Power of the Dog, his competition, has already arrived on Netflix.

Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 48. From November 26 to 28, 2021

  1. Charm $ 56,300,000 (48)
  2. Ghostbusters: The Legacy $ 33,100,000 (41)
  3. The Gucci House $ 27,045,000 (41)
  4. Be Somebody $ 21,872,632 (1)
  5. Eternals $ 18,100,000 (50)
  6. Resident Evil: Raccoon City $ 10,375,000 (16)
  7. Venom: Carnage released $ 10,265,000 (61)
  8. No time to die $ 9,269,000 (72)
  9. Door Lock $ 6,276,415 (1)
  10. King Richard $ 4,900,000 (35)


Corollary: No time to die

In the United Kingdom, 007 achieved a historic mark in times of COVID: it surpassed Specter and it became the 3rd highest grossing film in history, with $ 129.9 million.

Globally, it adds up to $ 758.0 million, enough for the 110th place of the global historical top. Its biggest markets are the US ($ 158.1), the UK, Germany ($ 73.3) and China ($ 62.7). In the US it will eventually exceed $ 160.9 of Other day to die, and will move to the 4th highest grossing James Bond film spot.

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