Global box office: Dune with better debut than Tenet and Black Widow


Fast forward a month to its US premiere, Dune began its journey at the global box office in 24 international markets with exceptional results. It added $ 36.8 million dollars (MDD), an amount that does not say much if the US and China are not in the equation, but if we compare it with other premieres of the Era-Covid, it seriously broke it. In the same markets, its debut was 5% higher than Tenet, 33% higher than Black widow and 80% above Godzilla vs Kong. Industry insiders were forecasting a $ 20- $ 25 million start, as it was unclear if it would just be an event for fans of the book or if it would function as an ambitious Christopher Nolan-style blockbuster.

Denis Villeneuve’s film also added 10% of its box office ($ 3.6 million) on 142 IMAX screens, and set a new record for the Covid-Era in 10 markets (surpassing Black widow or F9): Russia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Their best debuts were Russia ($ 7.6 million, 2nd biggest September debut in history, close to That), France ($ 7.5, best WB debut in pandemic), Germany ($ 4.9), Italy ($ 2.6) and Spain ($ 2.2). As the premiere of No time to die, its next debuts will be until October 20 (United Kingdom, South Korea) and then October 22 (China and the United States, the latter in simultaneous premiere with HBO Max). AND

shang-chi movie

Shang Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

MCU Movie 25 was the global champion for the 3rd consecutive week, with $ 42.0 million. In the US it added $ 21.7 million dollars (just lost 37%), and brought its accumulated to $ 176.9 million dollars. On his way, he passed Fast and furious 9 and it is already the 2nd highest grossing film of the Era-Covid, behind Black widow ($ 183.2) which will be exceeded the following week.

In 43 overseas territories, Shang chi added $ 20.3 million, for a cumulative of $ 143.7 million. It maintained the lead in markets such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom, the latter being its largest contributor ($ 21.8), followed by South Korea ($ 12.6), France ($ 9.2), Russia ($ 7.6) and Japan ($ 7.0). Of its premiere in China there is no news, and apparently there will not be in a while because the following Hollywood premieres are Dune and No time to die.

At $ 320.6 million globally ($ 24.5 million courtesy of the IMAX format), it is already the 4th biggest Hollywood hit of 2021.

Free Guy: Losing Control

The comedy that started on Fox and ended on Disney will be the 5th Hollywood movie of 2021 on September 21 that exceeds $ 300 million. As of Sunday it amounted to $ 298.3 million, of which $ 21.0 million are in the IMAX format.

In the US it lost 10%, returned to 2nd place at the box office (competition is minimal) and took its accumulated to $ 108.6 million in its 6th week. In 49 international markets, Ryan Reynolds added $ 8.4 million, taking his accumulated to $ 189.7 million. Of that total, almost half ($ 85.6 million) comes from China, where it is the 3rd biggest Hollywood hit of the Covid-Era.

Cry Male

The New from Clint Eastwood (the 25th movie he’s directed and starred in in 50 years as a director) had a bad debut. With 53% on Rotten Tomatoes and a simultaneous release on HBO Max, it barely added $ 4.5 million in 3,967 theaters. In 18 overseas markets, it added just $ 0.35 million).

global box office dune

Just as a reference: The Mule, The director’s previous film debuted in December 2018 and totaled $ 17.5 million on its debut, ending at $ 103.8 million in the US alone.

Paw Patrol: The Movie

Finally it happened: the animals crossed the 9 digits and today they add up to $ 103.2 million globally. In the US they have been on the bill for a month and accumulate $ 37.1 million, and at the end of their passage through theaters they will be 20% away from Stripe and the last dragon.

In 55 international markets they reached $ 66.1 million ($ 5.6 this week), with their best debut being Australia ($ 0.7 million, with 60% of theaters closed). Its top territories are the United Kingdom ($ 10.4), France ($ 9.8) and Germany ($ 9.4). On Friday he arrives in Italy.

global box office dune

Other films on international screens

  • Malignant. His global total comes to a paltry $ 24.6 million globally. In the US it stagnated at $ 9.8 million, and in 70 overseas markets it accumulates $ 14.8 million.
  • Escape Room 2. Globally, this week it will exceed $ 50 million. Almost half comes from overseas markets, totaling $ 24.1 million.
  • A boss in diapers 2. Little by little, the animation has already reached $ 110 million globally. Overseas markets cooperate with $ 52.7 million.
  • Candyman. Its global accumulated increased to $ 65.2 million, of which $ 12 million are courtesy of 37 overseas markets and $ 53.1 million from the US.
  • Cop Shop. The New Gerard Butler Born Stillborn: $ 2.31 million in 3,005 US theaters, despite its rave reviews.
  • The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Even with positive reviews for Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield at the Toronto Film Festival, it only brought in $ 0.67 million in 450 US theaters.

Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 38. From September 17 to 19, 2021

  1. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings $ 42,000,000 (44)
  2. Dune $ 36,800,000 (24)
  3. Cloudy Mountain $ 18,648,000 (1)
  4. Free Guy: Losing Control $ 13,600,000 (49)
  5. Paw Patrol: The Movie $ 7,350,000 (56)
  6. Malignant $ 5,780,000 (71)
  7. Cry Male $ 4,865,000 (19)
  8. All About My Mother (Guan Yu Wo Ma De Yi Qie) $ 4,667,000 (1)
  9. Raging Fire $ 4,481,000 (5)
  10. Candyman $ 4,131,000 (42)


The number in parentheses indicates the number of territories where the film is shown.

* The disaster action drama is China’s biggest premiere in 7 weeks.

** Do not be confused: this is not the famous Almodóvar film but a family drama from China, focused on the mother-daughter relationship.

*** The film, after 53 days on the billboard, totals $ 197.3 million.

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