Global box office: Bond, Venom and China generate $ 600 million


For the second time in 19 months of the pandemic, the global box office surpassed $ 600 million thanks to China, Venom and Bond. However, this is the first time in the Covid-Era that Hollywood cinema has been involved in such a feat, because before, when the global $ 600 million was reached, it was due to a handful of films that debuted in the Chinese New Year ( February 2021), commanded by Chinatown Detective 3 and Hola Mama.

Now, 90% of that global $ 600 million was made by 4 films. From China, we have The Battle at Lake Changjin and My Country, My Parents. From Hollywood to No time to die and Venom: Carnage Freed.

No time to die

Fast forward a week to its US premiere, Without fear to die Finally! It reached 54 countries and raised $ 119.1 million, an extraordinary figure for pandemic times, without China and the US in the equation.

The movie 25 of the 007 canon was expected to debut with $ 70- $ 90 million, and optimistic forecasts were approaching 9 digits, but no one expected this figure (especially without China) which is on par with Skyfall and just 17% behind Specter in same markets. Why those conservative forecasts? Because if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that older audiences (like Bond’s) still resist going back to theaters.

global box office venom

For MGM / Eon / Universal production, its largest market was the United Kingdom, with $ 25.6 million. Saturday ($ 11.4 million) was the best grossing day in history for any 007 movie. Other debuts were Germany ($ 14.7 million, biggest pandemic premiere), Japan ($ 5.8), Denmark ($ 5.3), South Korea ( $ 4.6), Sweden ($ 4.1), Netherlands ($ 3.7), Switzerland ($ 3.2), Italy ($ 2.9), Hong Kong ($ 2.9, best franchise starter), Finland ($ 2.8), Norway ($ 2.8), Mexico ($ 2.4, 2nd best pandemic debut) and Poland ($ 2.2)

No time to die recorded the biggest debut of the 007 saga in 24 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and Spain, and the best Covid-Era debut in 21 countries, including the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries and Argentina. Next week it will hit a handful of new markets, and China on October 28.

Venom: Carnage released

Sony was cautious with the outlook for this US debut. 15 days ago they estimated $ 40 million, and this week they raised it to $ 50. What no one expected is that it would rise with the largest pandemic debut, with $ 90.1 million, exceeded Black widow ($ 80.8), Shang chi ($ 75), Fast and furious 9 ($ 70) and A place in silence- Part II ($ 47) and releases are still missing in other global box office markets for Venom.

global box office venom

Incidentally, his result was also 12% higher than Venom (2018) that made $ 80.2 million in its startup (without pandemic) and – hold on – the second best for the month of October, only behind Joker ($ 96.2 million). 402 IMAX screens contributed $ 8.6 million, also the best pandemic debut for the format.

Many thought it would be suicide to launch a blockbuster on this date, especially since Venom: Carnage released it was preceded by multiple changes in its release date. Ultimately, Sony realized that the little-anticipated changes will continue to be a constant throughout the pandemic, and the public responded favorably.

Venom 2 It also debuted in Russia, with $ 13.8 million, the best pandemic debut, the best of Sony in that country and the 4th best in history. Sony had high expectations for that territory, the 2nd best overseas result for Venom (2018) behind China. Next week, the antihero will arrive in Latin America.


Without China or the US in the equation, Dune it took just 3 weeks to reach $ 100 million global, a pretty positive number for an ambitious blockbuster that is not part of a franchise (James Bond) or a consolidated cinematic universe (like the MCU). Present in 32 markets, the first installment of a promised trilogy added $ 13.2 million this week, for a cumulative $ 100.3 million ($ 10 million from IMAX screens). So far, their numbers are higher than Tenet (+ 11%), Black widow (+ 58%), Shang-chi (+ 65%), Blade Runner 2049 (+ 80%) and Godzilla Vs Kong (+ 91%).

So far, its top markets are France ($ 18.6), Russia ($ 18.1), Germany ($ 13.4), Spain ($ 6.9) and Italy ($ 6.7). Its next major releases will be in Japan (October 15), South Korea (October 20), Mexico (October 21) and the US and China (October 22).

Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

The film completed a month on the billboards and celebrated it by exceeding the final global collection of Black widow: $ 386.9 vs. $ 377.5 million, and in both cases neither had (and apparently will not have) a Chinese premiere. In the US, the superhero totals $ 206.1 million, in overseas territories, $ 180.8 million, his best markets being the United Kingdom ($ 27.1), South Korea ($ 14.9), France ($ 11.5), Russia ($ 8.6) and Japan ($ 8.4).

Crazy Adams 2

Debuting in the shadow of the sequel to Venom, showed that families also go to the movies, as it raised $ 18.0 million in 4,207 theaters in the US, the largest opening for a pandemic animation. The result was achieved despite the fact that the film is available on POVD for $ 19.99.

The Many Saints Of Newark

The prequel to The sopranos it debuted with just $ 5.0 million in 3,181 US theaters (with simultaneous release on HBO Max) and its viewers punished it with a C + on ComScore. In 9 overseas markets it added $ 0.42 million, for a cumulative of $ 2.3 million ($ 7.3 million global).

Other films in international markets

  • Paw Patrol. At $ 117.2 million globally, it is the # 1 animated film of 2021, leaving behind Raya and the Last Dragon ($ 117.1 million).
  • Dear Evan Hansen. Ouch, that hurts! The musical lost a dramatic 67% in its 2nd week in the US, bringing its accrual to just $ 11.8 million in 10 days.
  • Free guy. Its top markets are the US ($ 117.6 million), China ($ 95.0) and the United Kingdom ($ 22.1), for a global total of $ 320.7 million.
  • Candyman. In the US, it added 6 weeks to the top 10, with $ 58.9 million raised. Its global collection does not increase that much, as it is going to $ 75.1 million.
  • Jungle Cruise. In the US, it completed 10 weeks in the top 10, with $ 116.0 million accumulated. His global total advanced to $ 206.7 million.

Top 10. Global box office
Weekend 40. From October 1 to 3, 2021

  1. The Battle at Lake Changjin $ 232,938,164 (1)
  2. No time to die $ 119,100,000 (54)
  3. Venom: Carnage released $ 103,900,000 (2)
  4. My Country, My Parents $ 89,697,965 (1)
  5. Crazy Addams 2 $ 18,007,000 1
  6. Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings $ 14,300,000 (43)
  7. Dune $ 13,700,000 (32)
  8. The Many Saints of Newark $ 5,419,000 (10)
  9. Paw Patrol: The Movie $ 3,620,000 (55)
  10. Dear Tutu: Operation T-Rex $ 3,466,185 (1) *


*In addition to The Battle at Lake Changjin and My Country, My Parents, this weekend another 5 Chinese productions debuted, in places 3 to 7 of the local top 10. Their results were: Tutu: Operation T-Rex ($ 3.5), Little canned Man ($ 3.4), Goldbreak ($ ​​2.7), Water Boys ($ 2.6) and Extint ($ 1.3).

Corollary: Bond was not the weekly champion

No: The New from 007 was not the highest grossing film this week globally. That honor went to the biggest premiere of the National Day in China: The Battle At Lake Changjin, a film that in its first 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) added $ 230 million, and when adding Monday’s ($ 75.1 million) already brought its accumulated to $ 311.9 million. With those numbers and an extraordinary rating from the audience, he is on his way to finishing in the global top 5 of 2021, with more than $ 750 million.

Second in china debuted My Country, My Parents, third installment of a saga made up of small stories that started with $ 90 million. If all goes well, it will end up close to its predecessors, with more than $ 400 million. Yes: China takes flight again

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